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On this week's episode of "The 100", one scene managed to completely blow my mind. IT IS NOT TOO SOON FOR THAT JOKE. Especially considering next weeks episode will surely involve more crazy happenings that will never allow for a good pun or joke. So when you have a show that never gives viewers an appropriate wait time to make a blowing up joke, you should really be able to do it whenever you want.

And now for some actual commentary on the episode.

We open with an offer from Lexa that Clarke can easily refuse. Lexa is holding a summit in order to make a treaty with the Sky people, but what she really wants is for them to join the other clans as lucky clan number 13. She literally tells Clarke that she wants them to bow down to her. Lexa, girl.

Joining the coalition will possibly afford the Sky people some protection by Lexa's command and honestly our Sky friends are few in number and grossly outmatched in any fight. Still, this offer is obviously a loaded one, with my assumption of Lexa's selfish intent in both the romance department and the need to have the Wanheda as some sort of security blanket. I'm not sure Clarke wants to be either at the moment. Or ever. PLEASE CLARKE.

Lexa tells Clarke that she can't run away from who she is and I'm conflicted because Lexa both encouraged and forced Clarke down this path. Who is Clarke when her hand isn't being forced? Does Lexa even know? Do we?

Anyway, Clarke refuses Lexa for now. Lexa then spends some time with an Ice Nation army representative. He believes she is showing weakness by keeping Wanheda alive. The Ice Nation uses this as an excuse to move in across borders they are apparently not supposed to be crossing. He tries to defend the army's movement but Lexa doesn't care. She asserts her power by ninja kicking the dude off of the tower.

Kane and Abby begin their journey to Lexa's summit. Kane is clearly miffed at Abby for allowing their people to use Mount Weather as a housing unit. He thinks it's one thing to use it as a medical facility but apparently a group of the newbies from Farm Station have essentially moved in over the past week. Kane can only see this ending poorly when the Grounder clans find out that Arkadia is bending some previously set rules.

Bellamy gets a pep talk from his girlfriend, who I am told is named Gina but I'm pretty certain they haven't actually said it yet, because he wasn't invited to the summit. He is instead joined by Raven and Octavia at Mount Weather, where Pike and 36 Farm Station people are not so subtly converting it into their happy new home.

Roan is less than happy in his new home, which is actually more of a prison for him. Lexa won't lift his banishment from the Ice Nation, so the Prince of said Ice Nation decides that he wants to kill her. He tries to convince Clarke to do it, and he even supplies the knife, because she can get close to Lexa. He thinks his mother, the Queen, will be a better ally to Clarke's people. Plus, he just seems a little bitter that nobody really wants him in their living space. He can join me in my humble abode. I can offer an endless supply of Cheez-its and pretty fast wi-fi. CAN LEXA OR MOMMY ICE QUEEN OFFER THAT?

Clarke is continuing her recent trend of scorning requests while donning a wonderful grumpy face. She's only ever heard that Ice Queen Nia is the worst. Ah yes, Clarke, but who told you this? Oh, only Lexa told you this? This is getting all high school in-crowd political. Take them all down, Clarke. Be the Queen B!

Back at Mount Weather, my forever faves, the Blake siblings, have a sweet exchange when Octavia confesses that she wants to leave when all of this is over. She doesn't really feel like she fits in. Bellamy has come a long way from season one where he basically tried to micro manage his sister's entire existence. He is clearly disappointed at her desire to leave but he supports her anyway.

Their moment is unfortunately stopped when two guards escort Echo into the clearing.

Echo is the Grounder that spit in Bellamy's face when they were cage mates in Mount Weather last season. But then he helped her escape after she helped him to not die. It seems to have formed a bit of trust between the two and a fair amount if indebtedness on Echo's part. She is there to warn the Sky people that the summit is a trap and that an assassin from Ice Nation (Echo's own people) is already there biding his time before probably going on a murder spree. Murder spree is pretty synonymous with "The 100" so of course this is happening.

Inside Mount Weather, Pike questions Echo's truthfulness but Bellamy vouches for her. They are not able to contact their people in Polis so the group decides to form a team to go there themselves. Meanwhile Raven and Sinclair (Sinclair!!) are tasked with figuring out a plan of attack if something crazy goes down. Apparently the best option is to launch a missile but unfortunately they don't have the launch codes. Raven then bursts forth like the beautiful butterfly that she is and with her impeccable confidence announces that she will figure it out and I don't doubt for a second that she will. Maybe I love Raven a lot, OKAY?

Over in Polis, Kane is openly fangirling at the thriving Capitol. It has markets and people and it looks nice. Kane is so at ease here. Abby takes notice and decides that Kane's vision for their people may be more suited for the role of Chancellor. He refuses but they agree to a future election. Bringing some democracy to this place!

Lexa is training a tiny child who is apparently better at fighting at his age than she ever was. Her advisor, Titus, is weary of Lexa's recent choices. He isn't sure the other clans will respond well to inviting the Sky people to join the coalition. He believes that Lexa is propping up Clarke but is getting nothing in return. Lexa believes that Clarke is becoming awesome all on her own but Titus is basically "LOL nah" at this. He wants Lexa to finally reach their goal and apparently this involves the power of Wanheda. So, he encourages her to kill Clarke to take her "power."

Raven is struggling to figure out the missile launch code in Mount Weather. Gina suggests they search the President's office because how likely is it that he memorized a fairly long code? Gina is smart. Also, they finally said Gina's name.

Bellamy, Octavia, Pike and Echo find their two men left at the capitol border dead in an SUV. The team decides to infiltrate Polis via tunnels. Why are there SO MANY TUNNELS on this show?

Lexa visits Clarke and Clarke immediately puts a knife to the Commander's throat. She can't do anything past that though and Lexa quietly apologizes for turning Clarke into what she currently is. She offers to let Clarke go but Clarke stops her with a better idea. This better idea is apparently to agree to Lexa's earlier request of the Sky people joining the coalition as the 13th clan. Clarke expresses this to her mother.

First though, Clarke's total lack of enthusiasm in that reuniting hug with her mother made me LOL. I don't know why. Maybe it was that she reminded me of how small children will just begrudgingly lean their bodies into their parents after a scolding and subsquent request to hug it out. These kids don't care about the hugging. They are still seething internally at that scolding. Clarke is still not too keen on her mother daughter relationship. Or so it came across.

Kane agrees to becoming the 13th clan because he believes their other option is to be eventually overtaken by whatever Grounder clan decides to attack them next. Abby doesn't see this as a fix for stopping the Ice Nation but Clarke thinks that Wanheda can. I don't understand how but I'll go with it for now.

The following scene juxtaposes Clarke accepting the terms of submitting to the coalition by bowing to Lexa and Bellamy and crew frantically racing through the tunnels to warn the people of the assassin. Bellamy doesn't hesitate to kill one of the men who is slowly turning a wheel that works the elevator shaft and that makes me sad. I fell like Bellamy is about to go down a dark road and I'm not excited. But more on that in a few.

Upon seeing Clarke bow, Roan and the other clan ambassadors bow as well. This is probably what Lexa wanted. What she doesn't want is the clan ambassadors' immediate confused murmurs when she announces that the Skaikru (will they make flags? I need to know) will join the coalition. Kane offers to be the leader that has his arm branded but right as it happens Bellamy and crew bust through the door, guns a' blazing'.

Bellamy tries to warn the room that the summit is a trap and tells Clarke that they need to get her out of there. When Lexa questions how they know that Ice Nation sent an assassin, Bellamy looks to Echo to explain but SHE ISN'T THERE. In a WTF plot twist it is revealed that the assassin was never in the capital. He was always in Mount Weather. And he's there to do some damage.

An unsuspecting Raven and Sinclair have a heart to heart about Raven's injured leg. She is hesitant to get a surgery needed to help but not because she is afraid of the pain. She is afraid that it won't fix anything and that she is just a broken person. Sinclair, her mentor on the Ark and now the ground, tells her that she should not feel as if she deserves this pain because of her mom, Finn, etc. When Raven expresses a rare moment of self-doubt, Sinclair reminds her that he took a chance on the zero-gravity mechanic despite her heart defect . Now, he needs her to take a chance on that girl too. It was a beautiful scene and one that I wish would happen more on this show.

In the president's office, Gina is failing to find any launch codes. It hardly matters because the assassin quickly grabs her and stabs her multiple times in the stomach. It's all very Red Wedding and I hate it. The assassin proceeds to enter a self destruct code into Mount Weather's system and this is now worse than anything that happened in the Red Wedding.

After hearing Gina's warning, Sinclair intercepts the assassin outside of the compound and is almost killed but Raven manages to catch up and shoot the assassin dead. She radios Gina to put the numbers the assassin was carrying into the system but Gina is already dead from her wounds. Before Sinclair or Raven can do anything Mount Weather blows up killing everyone inside.

I guess this wouldn't be "The 100" without a giant explosion killing a lot of people. We're up to what, five now? Raven radios Bellamy and allows everyone at the summit to hear about the Grounder attack on Mount Weather. Some Ice Nation representatives get ballsy and decide to use this moment as an attack on Lexa's position as Commander. Lexa responds by escorting them away and immediately offering her aid to the Sky people. This is a 180 from the last time she was in a position to help Clarke's people but it's a little too late for me to care. Her sudden interest in defending the Skaikru is jarring to me and only makes sense in context of her wanting to be with Clarke. If that's the case, her position as Commander is weak and the other clansmen are right in questioning her decisions at this point.

I don't find it super believable that Lexa is so into Clarke after knowing her for two weeks tops, and at one point leaving both her and all of her friends for dead, that she would immediately choose to fight for the Sky people now. This is putting her people at risk and her position at risk and just doesn't add up to the person she was in season 2. People change, look at Bellamy, but Lexa hasn't had nearly enough episodes or seasons to be developed that much that quickly.

Maybe she always had these characteristics but what was shown to us as viewers was her ruthless and definitive nature to protect her own. She isn't doing that now and I can't help but think she is reacting purely on emotion towards Clarke and that ultimately confuses me as to who Lexa is as a character. To me, this doesn't paint her as complex, but unfocused. But what do I know?

Abby and Kane rush off to start protecting Arkadia because it too is at risk. Lexa requires one representative of the Sky people to stay behind and Clarke agrees. Bellamy questions this decision and notes that Lexa left them at Mount Weather and she would choose to leave them again. Clarke gives him an ambiguous look (NOT GOING TO ANALYZE IT. NOPE. This fandom is driving me crazy, by the way) and says "I'm sorry." Bellamy proceeds to look at her with something I would closely relate to thinly veiled hate. It's the first time he's looked at her like that since season 1. I'm so not here for this conflict.

Clarke tells Abby that she is staying to make sure Lexa keeps her word. I hope this is true and that Clarke has an alternative plan up her sleeve. It's WAY too soon for forgiveness. Lexa tells Clarke that she will not betray her again. And in a scene straight out of someone's fanfic, Lexa bows to Clarke and pledges to treat Clarke's people and feelings as her own.

Nothing up to this moment ever gave any indication that Lexa is the type of leader to do this sort of thing. Earlier she was demanding that Clarke and her people bow to her and now this? I feel like Lexa has this idea of Clarke that is up on some pedestal and that is where her feelings take her when interacting with real life Clarke. Maybe I just don't like rushed relationships. Especially ones trying to be built on broken trust and a serious lack of relationship building convo.

Whatever Lexa is doing is also making a poor impression on the other clan ambassadors. The final scene introduces us to the Ice Queen, Nia. She is in an undisclosed location surrounded by the ambassadors that were just at Lexa's summit. Echo approaches her Queen and tells her that they got their war. It is revealed that Emerson, the lone survivor of last season's irradiated Mount Weather, is the one who helped orchestrate this new attack on Mount Weather. The Ice Queen is rather giddy that Clarke is with Lexa and is confident that Lexa will fall.

I don't know where I am at with this episode, feelings-wise.

The assassin at Mount Weather genuinely shocked me. I thought that was really well done.

I loved Kane this entire episode. His gleeful reactions to everything he learns about the ground is wonderful to watch.

I am not excited for what they may be doing with Bellamy. He lost his sister (well they chatted about her leaving), his girlfriend, a grounder he put a lot of trust in (WE ALL BELIEVED IN YOU, ECHO) and failed to retrieve his much needed co-leader. I think pairing him up with a rather volatile Pike and giving him the ever dreaded man pain development after losing Gina is a slippery slope to drama that nobody is here for. Bellamy has come a long way from his incredibly selfish and grounder-hating beginnings and potentially bringing him back to that is disheartening. I guess we'll see.

I can only say so much about the Lexa and Clarke dynamic before it becomes redundant. I understand that a large portion of this show's fandom loves Lexa but the constant attention to her in the media and from the show runners themselves is starting to grate my nerves. She has a lot of room to grow as a character but I feel like people are constantly trying to make me believe that she is already the greatest thing to ever happen on tv. If you like Lexa, and happen to read this blog, it may not be the right place for you. I don't intend on bashing her character but I don't really intend on ever heaping on the praise that you can find in most other places. I just don't connect to her or the actress and I think that's okay. Some people don't connect to Bellamy, but I feel him on a weirdly deep emotional level. And that's okay too.

Speaking of Bellamy again, I'm disappointed in Clarke's reaction to him asking her to come home. I'm holding out to see what she has up her sleeve, if anything. I just don't like the idea of her abandoning the people who grew with her and supported her when they first landed on Earth to be with someone she barely knows. I know Clarke has a lot of self hate right now for decisions she felt like she had to make but Bellamy was there too. Bellamy shared the burden. No matter how much Clarke wants to put ALL of the death on herself, Bellamy DELIBERATELY helped pull that lever. Even Monty never hesitated to set up the whole radiation deal in the first place because Clarke asked. Both of these men have these deaths on their hands, and many more, but they didn't abandon their people or each other. I'm just liking Clarke as a character less and less the more she distances herself from her people.

I really just need this to all be talked out in a nice campfire scene. They could have s'mores. Imagine Kane's delight at s'mores roasting over an authentic campfire. IMAGINE IT.

Until next time my kru,

Jaha, out.


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