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There has been a lot of buzz with the new cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show being finalized. I am among those who feel this classic should remain untouched, but remakes are the thing to do now. But, with the new cast being announced we can't forget about those who made the movie legendary. Lets take a look at where the original RHPS cast is today.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter (A Scientist) - Tim Curry

First, we need to start off noting that Tim Curry is a legend. This man has brought so many awesome characters to life: Rooster (Annie), Darkness (Legend), Pennywise (IT). But, did you know that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was Tim Curry's feature film debut? What a crazy way to kick off a career in film! Tim Curry's portrayal of a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania was so deliciously evil. His ability to transcend genders was amazing, and he made all of us fall in love with his diva-like attitude.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we have our beloved Tim Curry back! This time, however, Curry will be taking on the role of The Criminologist. Curry caused quite the commotion last year when he appeared at the Tony Award to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award. The world was shocked to see him after he suffered a stroke three years prior. But, it seems his good spirits have helped him heal to a point where he was willing and able to take a role in the RHPS re-boot.

Janet Weiss (A Heroine) - Susan Sarandon

For those who have seen the shadow cast of RHPS, I'm sure your reaction to the name Janet Weiss is the same as mine: "Slut!” But we must not forget the awesomeness that is Susan Sarandon. She switched from the sweet, untouched small-town girl to the naughty floorshow Janet without hesitation or apologies. Her good-girl-to-bad-girl transformation leaves all others in the dust (including Sandy's transformation in Grease).

Hands down, Susan Sarandon is still one hot mama! And, she is starting 2016 with a little feud. Her recent photo from the SAG awards last week (above) started a Twitter beef between her and Piers Morgan. Morgan called her bulging bosom inappropriate. Her awesome response:

Susan Sarandon: 1 Piers Morgan: 0

Brad Majors (A Hero) - Barry Bostwick

Out of all the characters in RHPS, Barry Bostwick's portrayal of Brad Majors was annoyingly awesome. His uptight and pompous attitude fed into every stereotype, which made his journey into sexual deviancy and garter belts all the more fun to watch. Bostwick went from RHPS to playing in many different films, TV shows, and Broadway plays (he is the original Danny Zucco from Grease). He also starred in another sci-fi cult classic, Megaforce.

At 70 years old, Barry Bostwick is quite the silver fox. Bostwick is still a working actor, making appearances on Cougar Town, CSI, as well as lending his voice to animated productions. He also travels to different conventions and has taken to bringing tighty whities for him to sign when he knows an RHPS crowd will be there.

Riff Raff (A Handy Man) - Richard O'Brien

Richard O'Brien is our genius behind RHPS. He was an unemployed actor when he wrote RHPS in a few months. His love of Science Fiction and B-Movies, as well as campy horror and Steve Reeves macho-man movies, inspired him to write the longest running theatrical release of all time. He took on the role of Riff-Raff in the film, as well as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the stage productions. He also created a spin-off in 1980, called Shock Treatment: a tale that follows Brad and Janet believing they are on a game show, but they are actually captives.

O'Brien is also returning to his RHPS roots with stage productions set to happen in May 2016!

Magenta (A Domestic) - Patricia Quinn

Patricia Quinn brought to life our favorite maid, Magenta. Quinn had been involved with the stage production prior to the film. She always played Magenta, as well as the usherette who sang the infamous song 'Science Fiction/Double Feature', also lovingly known to shadow cast fans as 'Lips'. Quinn nearly turned down the role as Magenta in the film because Richard O'Brien was asked to sing the song instead. However, her red lips are the ones lip-synching the song in the beginning and are on every iconic RHPS poster.

Currently, Quinn is making appearances at Comic Cons throughout the United States.

Columbia (A Groupie) - Little Nell (Nell Campbell)

Little Nell was discovered outside a theater in London while she was a street performer. Her stage portrayal of Columbia landed her the role in the film. Her character was so bitchy and fun, it was impossible not to love her sequined, tap-dancing craziness.

Little Nell went on to participate in a few stage productions and was a contributing editor to TALK Magazine (which has since folded). She is now retired and raising her daughter, Matilda.

Rocky Horror (A Creation) - Peter Hinwood

Peter Hinwood was a model that was chosen to play the part of Rocky (the sex object), despite having very little acting experience prior. He did not sing his lines during the floorshow and RHPS was his third of four films he starred in. He was just a fun addition to this already crazy cast of characters.

Hinwood shied away from publicity after his fourth movie and focused on his new career as an antique dealer. He became quite successful in that effort and has since retired.

Eddie (Ex-Delivery Boy) - Meat Loaf

When Meat Loaf signed on for the American production of RHPS, he had only rehearsed the songs without reading the script. It wasn't until he saw Tim Curry in full costume that he saw what he had gotten into and tried to make a run for it. Luckily, a police officer ticketed him for jay walking, slowing him down, and giving the cast enough time to talk him into staying. He went on to play Eddie & Dr. Scott in the play. He was quite bummed when he didn't get to play Dr. Scott in the movie, being that they are supposed to be related.

Meat Loaf obviously has continued his awesome career in music, as well as lending himself to a few films along the way. Meat Loaf is currently on tour, with 14 dates left in the United States.

Now that we are all caught up with our original cast members, let's hope our new cast can hold a candle to them so that our world can do the Time Warp again!

Some of my many appearances in RHPS from age 11-26!
Some of my many appearances in RHPS from age 11-26!

Who was your favorite character in RHPS? Let us know in the comments!


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