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Every TV shows, movies & favorite actors and actress that i have are my favorite. And if I love, I totally love to give out good credit & sh
David Wilk

This episode was going on and on and on and on and on

with forgetting, power fight and especially, the dino super drive charger!

Now that power makes them even more stronger to defeat every

monster during the megazord fight!

Dino Super Drive!
Dino Super Drive!

As for heckyl, getting so close to steal the blue energem

Heckyl and Koda with Blue Energem.
Heckyl and Koda with Blue Energem.

He even was too, know where the base is.

I'm even more getting scare when Him and (of course) Snide

are going to do to destroy the base and steal the energems!

This episode is great!


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