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Since Super Bowl 50 just passed, I thought I'd take a look at the commercials that were shown and give you guys a heads up on what I thought were the best ones. Everyone has their own order and opinion. I want to give you mine from 1-10, 1 being the best one in my opinion and 10 being the 10th best. Now I'm not usually one to focus on the commercials because I am a huge football fan. However, I didn't really want to watch this Super Bowl because I despise both teams who are facing each other. For the first time, I focused more on the quality of the commercials this year.

1. Heinz

This commercial is my all-time favorite commercial now! It is the cutest, most random, unexpected funny thing in the world. Honestly I had no idea a condiment commercial could be this great...until i saw this! This commercial made my life so much happier. A stampede of wiener dogs in their little hot dog outfits running through a field to be with their condiments. I think we can all agree that puppies in adorable and silly outfits running through a field is the best way to get people to buy condiments.

2. Hyundai: First Date

I have heard about this commercial the most all over the internet. I honestly did not expect it to be that great though because people sometimes make big deals out of nothing. And then I watched it and was proved completely wrong. You have to see this one! After watching this hilarious commercial, which they barely connected to hyundai cars, I have to tell you guys how wrong I was. This commercial exceeded my expectations and I laughed my head off the entire time. Kevin Hart being the overprotective dad making sure this guy doesn't try anything with her daughter on the first date was the perfect commercial. It did not get number one because although it made me laugh, i did not really think about getting a car ever. It is definitely a commercial to laugh at and relate to though.

3. Super Bowl Babies Choir

I thought that the idea the NFL had here was quite cool and very adorable. They gathered children of parents who made their baby the night of a certain Super Bowl and had different generations of the babies all the way up to a few years ago. They were all put in different groups and sang about being a Super Bowl baby and how it's really cool that it is now finally Super Bowl 50. Now go watch it!

As it tells you in the beginning of this video, when a city wins the Super Bowl they have a rise in births and those babies are called Super Bowl Babies. I think its such a cool idea for them to do this and it definitely will bring many closer after seeing this commercial.

4. Pantene Dad-do

This commercial is outright adorable and heartwarming. Their phrase is Strong is Beautiful. Watch this empowering commercial with your daddy in mind. These adorable little girls with their NFL daddies having them try and do their hair is the cutest and sweetest thing we have seen in commercials for a while! Their statement that girls grow to become stronger when they spend more quality time with their dad is the truest thing a lot of us have experienced.


This commercial was so confusing and funny that I loved it for practically no reason. A choir, Weezy, George Washington, and most importantly Brad Bellflower! I love him! It was very apartment-themed so that helped, but mostly just the fact that they put in a choir, Brad on a rising piano while playing and singing, and him running into the weirdest two people roasting...beans? on a barbecue? George Washington and Weezy?! I'm sorry, but whoever came up with this commercial had to be some sort of weird genius because for some reason it was hilarious!

6. T-mobile

Taking advantage of the famous music video Hotline Bling with Drake, T-mobile came up with this odd commercial. I guess this ended up at number 6 not 10 because it involved the music video and Drake. Besides that it was sorta a harsh commercial. I know that cellular services tend to be harsh to each other in commercials, but its just outright making fun of them when T-Mobile isn't the best service out of all of them. However, i do applaud them for the idea.

7. Budweiser USA

This one I liked because I'm a sucker for English accents and I can see why they made this commercial because all Americans tend to love English accents. But, there was not much substance to it. Take a look. She is blunt and warns against drunk driving which is always respectful, but she literally sits there and does nothing but drink. This is a beer commercial! Although i get the message to drink responsibly, if you are trying to sell your beer you should mention how there are dangers, but you'd also love the taste or something along those lines.

8. Hyundai: Ryanville

This one probably would have had a higher rating if I had understood what it was about earlier. So to let you know before you watch it, This is a CAR COMMERCIAL! Also the whole thing is supposed to say that most cars would get in accidents because of being distracted by all these hot Ryan Reynolds in Ryanville, but the Hyundai won't because it has a fast break....I know, just watch it...

Sooooo yeah...get this car because if you aren't paying attention to driving and staring at hot guys instead, you won't have to worry about accidentally running over one of them because this car has good breaks....but I give them props because Ryan Reynolds is hot.

9. Bud Light

This one should have been number 10 to be completely honest. The one reason I put it at 9 is because number 10 was just so dumb. This commercial inludes the famous weird comedians at this time: Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen. Also has Paul Rudd in it. It's pretty much just them on TV announcing to the whole country that we all have stuff in common like everyone loving Paul Rudd and everyone loves beer. Although they are making an effort, sorry guys not everyone loves beer.

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen telling me that everyone loves beer isn't going to make me love beer, but thanks commercial people for making more people believe that beer is the normal thing because the two weird, famous people told us it was.

10. Snickers

This is just outright dumb and gross...Snickers commercials are usually pretty funny, but I think they've gone a bit too far this time. All it is, is Willem Dafoe in a Marilyn Monroe dress flying up so we see too much and he complains. So of course they give him a snickers bar and he turns into Marilyn Monroe. I think they went too far because we did not need to see that nastiness and it didn't really make much sense either.


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