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I wrote an article a few weeks ago discussing the problems with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. This article is part retraction, part correction. While I still feel that BVS will undoubtedly have its share of problems, I'm also sure that it will be a truly enjoyable experience - and that isn't something I've felt about it before.

So, What's Changed?

Due to some of his more recent comments to the media, I'm confident that Zack Snyder has made one hell of a movie. He understands these characters, and more importantly, he's a fan of these characters. He's the sort of director that will happily do as the studio asks and make their 'money' picture (Legend of the Guardians - at least they thought it would be a 'money' picture.), but then when he gets let off the reigns a bit and is allowed to dabble in his passion, the guy makes absolute cinematic magic (Sucker Punch... Not a word, I loved it!). Batman vs Superman is a perfect mix of that - it's most definitely a 'money' picture for Warner Bros., and by the way Snyder talks about it, you can feel how much he loves this world that he's been given the opportunity to create.

Im sure you're probably wondering why I changed my mind and what made me do a full 180. Those of you who listen to my podcast will know how much I've talked down this film, and exactly why I've felt that way about it. Well, it was one simple, short TV spot that did it. More specifically, it was one line of dialogue.

'Do you bleed? You will.'
This. Is. Awesome.
This. Is. Awesome.

I know that that line was heard in the very first trailer released last year, but we didn't see it being delivered, we didn't see the bitter hatred between these two icons, and we didn't see how impressive that scene is.

I've been a Batman fan as long as I can remember, and in hearing those words, I knew that Ben Affleck is Batman. Bale was excellent, Kevin Conroy is damn near perfect and I'll always hold a spot in my heart for Adam West, but my God - Ben Affleck is The Dark Knight. I've always been pro-Batfleck, but this was another level. Affleck has taken a role that has been played so well by so many and yet he has truly made it his own. He has done this to the point that hearing him utter one line of dialogue in one TV spot has made me want to go see a film that I've vocally hated for months, at midnight on opening night.

As for Superman, I'm firmly in the 'meh' camp. I can take him or leave him, but preferably the latter. He's a boring character with little-to-no weaknesses, but it's looking more and more like this is a Batman film featuring Superman.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate the idea of the Justice League popping up, and I still don't see the need for three hundred and sixty nine villains, but as I said, I'm feeling more and more that this is a Batman movie.

DC and Warner Bros. aren't amateurs, they're fully aware that Affleck is their payday - people will pay to see him kick ass or pay to see him fail. This movie is going to open the door for solo Batman flicks as much as it is JLA movies, and that's where the money lies. It seems that my first thoughts and opinions were misguided and believe it or not, WB really do seem to know what they're doing.


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