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Professional commercial photographer loves taking pictures of cosplay artists
Antti Karppinen

Blue steel, Le Tigre, Ferrari and Magnum. Those words represent the unique trademark faces of the one and only Derek Zoolander. To celebrate upcoming sequel to the legendary movie Zoolander, I decided to invite some of my friends to our studio and make simple portraits of them trying to pull his signature looks… This could be great! It could also be a disaster, but that risk I was more than happy to take.

I got a Facebook event going about the photoshoot, sent messages to my friends and just hoped that at least some of them would be crazy enough to “take the bait” and come to the studio to have some fun. Luckily quite a few friends showed up to try out some of their best and most ridiculous poses.

I also took with me this weird “pouty face” mask I bought my kids a couple of weeks ago. Since the rubber face had an authentic 'Blue steel' feel to it, I figured that it would be a good thing to have it with me in the photoshoot, in case somebody wanted to try out an extra weird face. However, seeing the first images of the masked faces rolling out from camera everybody was just cracking up with the hilarious looks, so I ended up making the whole series of those cartoon-like duckfaces!

So here is the series of images of me and my friends showing the extreme and enhanced Zoolander-look. I hope you find them as funny as we did…

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Here is also a small video of all the images and also some behind-the-scenes footage. It sure was fun and ridiculous project as you can definitely see! Enjoy!


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