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Now we all know that Batman is one of the best DC superheroes, hands down, and many arguments have often lost to Batman's "utility belt" contingent plans, where he always seems to have a way out if he plans far enough in advance. So, Batman's the best, what's left to say? Well, what if he's not the best Batman.

In an alternate universe of the main DC continuity, Bruce Wayne died in the incident that killed his parents, and his father and mother became the Batman and the Joker respectively.

This Batman is wary, tired, but brutal and ruthless on his war on crime. His brand of justice is much more extreme than Bruce's, and he packs a much darker tone than our own Caped Crusader. That being said, these are the reasons why Thomas Wayne is a better Batman than Bruce Wayne.

3. He's willing to cross the line... and it's effective

Bruce Wayne has always had a sense of antiquated morality, but Thomas Wayne isn't willing to cross the line if it means that the ends justify the means. He drops criminals off buildings, he doesn't care about the Justice League, he's single-minded in his vengeance, and he cares only to exact retribution among the criminal scum.

During the climax of 'Flashpoint,' the universe is literally tearing itself apart as reality comes crumbling around the ensuing chaos. The Flash is locked in a duel with Reverse-Flash, who won't allow Flash to fix the timeline and intends to trap him, along with everyone else in this doomed timeline. Thomas, without hesitation stabs Wonder Woman's sword through The Reverse-Flash's chest, killing him while he was distracted in a fight with the Flash.

Underhanded. Cold-blooded. And he saved the Flash, giving him enough room to fix the timeline and save the whole multiverse.

2. He has an actual reason for keeping the Joker alive...

With Bruce Wayne having died in 'Flashpoint,' Martha Wayne became crazed, and after Thomas Wayne killed Joe Chill, Bruce's murderer, Martha revealed that her insanity had reached irreparable magnitudes.

Slicing her face open, she became a child-killer, hell-bent on exacting the same misery on others that had befallen her. In the main continuity, it's never revealed why Bruce has never put the Joker away for good. Some have postulated that it's because Batman needs the Joker in order to be an effective hero, others say that it's because of Batman's sense of morality, and that even with the Joker, he's not willing to cross that line. However, the Joker has killed and harmed so many of Bruce's loved ones that many wonder why the Caped Crusader still hasn't put the Joker down for good.

Thomas Wayne has always had a good reason. The Joker is his freaking wife. She's the last remaining part of his old, happy life. She's the last link that he possesses to his past, and as a man who has lost everything, it's understandable that he refuses to put her away, despite all the harm that she's done.

1. He's willing to rewrite history to save his son

With the universe coming apart around them, Thomas Wayne looks at Flash, holding out a tattered letter addressed to his dead son. Thomas knows that if Flash goes and rewrites time, then his son will live again, and that he will die. He urges and begs with The Flash to fix the time stream and return the universe to one where Bruce lives, and he dies.

Now a similar situation like this came up when Bruce lost Damian..

He became so crazed and filled with anger that he went against the wishes of the whole Justice League, and every friend and family member around him to find ways to revive his dead son. He took apart Frankenstein, he tried dark magic, he even attempted to go to Apokolips himself to get his son's body back.

Now we both know that both Waynes are amazing fathers, because Damian does come back eventually, but Thomas Wayne was willing to change history, destroy a whole timeline and sacrifice all known existence around him just to be erased with the knowledge that the universe that will replace his is one where his son lives. Now that deserves the number one spot on this list.

Disagree with me? Think that Bruce is a better Batman? Think I left a reason off this list? Tell me about it below! And thanks for reading!


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