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Welcome to Casting Call! Where we pick our favorite comic books and do some fantasy casting for them! This week, DC Comics’ Justice Society of America!

Now the JSA has had many incarnations over the years, with a roster of varied heroes, however they are the first and longest lasting superhero team in comics. They went through a dead period for a bit then made a strong comeback in the late 90’s and held steady for a bit. They are constantly in demand as a team and comic fans buy their series when they come out. DC needs a team that isn’t just the JLA and that could be a team to help bring in older characters as well as younger ones.

Without further ado here are our casting picks for a JSA movie!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Hourman/Rex Tyler

A chemist who discovered the miraculous chemical Miraclo, Rex Tyler became the super-hero Hourman, able to use extraordinary abilities for an hour at a time. He became a valued member of the Justice Society and the All-Star Squadron. Coster-Waldau has appeared in our Casting Calls before and it won’t be the last time. He mostly plays self-centered cocky bad guys, but we feel has the ability to play the smart doting hero as well.

Eric Dane as Green Lantern/Alan Scott

Alan Scott is the original super-hero known as Green Lantern. The weapon he wields is a mystic power ring that turns his thoughts into energy constructs. Although he has never actually been a member of the Green Lantern Corps, his ring taps into the same power source that fuels them. Dane is mostly known from Grey’s Anatomy plying Dr. Mark Sloan and his one foray into comic book movies was as Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand, but we won’t hold that against him. He has the presence and charisma to play one of the elder members of the JSA.

Josh Holloway as Sandman/Sanderson Hawkins

Sandy Hawkins was the ward of original Sandman Wesley Dodds, and he is the nephew of Dodd’s lifelong partner, Dian Belmont. After a bizarre accident, Hawkins was able to transform himself into a pure silicon or sand form. Josh Holloway has yet to have that breakout role that moves him from supporting player to leading man, this could be that role. Not since Sawyer on Lost has Holloway had an audience grabbing part, playing one of the main JSA members will allow this to happen. Holloway’s calling is comic book movies, it could be his milieu.

Jason Winston as Mr. Terrific/Michael Holt

Michael Holt is the third smartest man in the world, a brilliant inventor and the second super-hero to call himself Mister Terrific. He is the successor to Terry Sloane. Despite having no powers, his T-Spheres make him invisible to technology and he is a member of the Justice Society. Another Grey’s Anatomy alumnus, Winston is the perfect choice for Mr. Terrific. He can play funny, serious, and has the obvious physicality needed to play the role. Not to mention they could use Winston if they decided to spin him off into a Checkmate movie.

Tom Welling as Captain Marvel/Shazam

Captain Marvel is known as the world’s mightiest mortal, a super-hero with magic origins. He was chosen to be a champion for good by the powerful wizard Shazam, and gains incredible powers whenever he speaks the wizard’s name. In his secret identity he is young Billy Batson, an idealistic news reporter working in Fawcett City, but when he speaks the name Shazam he transforms into his fully-grown heroic persona. Welling was our choice for Shazam in a previous Casting Call (click here to see it), and we have not changed our mind.

Jeremy Shada as Billy Batson

Billy Batson was a terrible foster child. After the death of his parents and his treatment thereafter Billy had become cold and cruel to most people. Growing selfish and heartless, he went from foster home to foster home until he landed in an orphanage in Philadelphia and was partially forced to live with a new family; the Vasquez’s. He decides to leave as he’s done countless times before but as he does he’s whisked away to the Rock of Eternity where he meets the Wizard. There, he searched the boy’s soul and saw that he was not perfectly good. When he told him so, Billy was instantly enraged, telling the wizard off for thinking that perfect good exists. The Wizard, seeing the boy’s point, witnesses all the good Billy has done and accepts that the world has changed and now perfection has been exchanged for the hope of becoming good. Although he stated that he won’t be able to take them back once given, the Wizard grants Billy the ability to wield the Living Lightning, turning him to the Champion, Shazam. Another choice from our Shazam Casting Call.

Gerard Butler as Wildcat/Ted Grant

As an orphan, Ted Grant took up a position as a heavyweight boxer, and eventually became tangled in his sinister managers’ plans. As a result, his mentor “Socker” Smith was killed by a boxing glove loaded with a poison needle by Grant’s managers Flint and Skinner. The dose was only intended to slow Smith, but the duo misjudged the potency. When Grant was arrested for the crime, Flint and Skinner, afraid he might know what had happened, arranged a hit on the young fighter. Ted Grant survived, but the policemen with him were dead. He became a fugitive and came upon a kid who was robbed of his Green Lantern comic. The kid, describing the mystery-man Green Lantern, inspired Ted to create a costume of a large black cat. He took the name of Wildcat and vowed to clear his name. He brought Flint and Skinner to justice, as the villains were forced to confess and Grant’s name was cleared. Wildcat continued to fight against crime. Butler has had success in some action films, 300, Olympus/London Has Fallen, and Gamer; however he has yet to really capitalize on the success of 300. A further venture into comic book films will solidify that. He could easily play the rough and tumble Wildcat.

Hugh Laurie as Doctor Fate/Kent Nelson

Kent Nelson is Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer and agent for the Lords of Order who fights evil alongside his wife Inza. His amulet,cloak and helmet are creations of the ancient Nabu who acts as his mentor and spiritual guide. He is a founding member of the Justice Society of America. House himself is the most logical choice to bring Dr. Fate to life. Nothing more to say on this!

Simon Baker as The Flash/Jay Garrick

The first in a long line of super-speedsters. Jay Garrick is capable of running at velocities near the speed of light. A scientist, Garrick has also served as mentor to other speedsters, and to many heroes over several generations. Baker as Garrick is a perfect casting. An easy going attitude, the cool uncle to the younger kids, and he would look good in the Hermes helmet.

Liam Hemsworth as Atom Smasher/Al Rothstein

Albert Rothstein was the grandson of the reluctant super-villain known as Cyclotron, from whom Albert inherited his metahuman powers by which he can control his molecular structure (allowing him to alter the size and density of his body). He was the godson of Al Pratt, the Golden Age Atom, and raised to becoming a hero known as Nuklon and becoming a charter member of Infinity, Inc.and subsequently served in the Justice League. He took the Atom Smasher identity shortly before the founding of the current Justice Society of America, of which he was a charter member. Liam could have a career to rival his brother Chris’, just for DC instead of Marvel.

Jon Hamm as Doctor Midnite/Pieter Cross

Pieter Cross is the third vigilante to call himself Doctor Mid-Nite. Charles McNider and Beth Chapel were his predecessors. Beginning his career as a highly-skilled surgeon, he was blinded by a chemical accident. This made him only able to see in the dark, using infrared vision. Special goggles allow him to see, and he fights crime using martial arts and blackout bombs to blind his opponents. He has been a member of the Justice Society, and he functions as their team medic. Hamm is destined to play a role in a comic film sooner or later, and he’s still young enough to do the action parts.

Elle Fanning as Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore

Stargirl is Courtney Whitmore, a teenage girl living in Blue Valley who becomes a superhero. Courtney began as the second Star-Spangled Kid when she discovered the gear of retired hero Sylvester Pemberton. Her stepfather Pat Dugan, originally known as Stripsey and later S.T.R.I.P.E., was Pemberton’s adult sidekick. Jack Knight later gave Courtney his Cosmic Staff, and she took the name “Stargirl” to honor the Starman legacy. The often overlooked Fanning, Elle has the precociousness and fun loving attitude to play Stargirl.

Alice Eve as Power Girl/Karen Starr

Kara was the Supergirl of Earth 2 and the cousin to Superman, who was raised by Kal and his wife Lois Lane as if she was their only daughter. She was also best friends with Helena Wayne, the Earth 2 Robin, and Batman’s daughter. Supergirl was one of the heroes who defended Earth from Darkseid’s invading forces. She did not get directly involved in the fight; instead, she guarded the nuclear devices that the world’s governments had decided to keep to the very last. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were killed, but they managed to destroy Darkseid’s towers, disabling the Parademons and saving the earth. As Supergirl caught up with Robin, and without any time to grieve their lost mentors and family, their attention was caught by a Boom Tube portal with a lone figure appearing within it. The Earth’s last two remaining heroes plunged into the portal and came to New 52 Earth. Alice Eve as Power Girl….um, so much yes! Eve would be the perfect choice, not to mention she has the name/look to be able to pull of a solo film as well.

Donald Glover as Jakeem Thunder/Jakeem Williams

Jakeem Johnny Williams is a precocious teenager from Keystone City. Jakeem’s mother left his father while she was still pregnant with the boy, and he was orphaned when his mother died of cancer. His aunt Lashawn was then granted custody, and his father, Phil, never knew about his birth. Jakeem became a self-reliant latchkey kid who grew up on the streets and adopted a tough, foul-mouthed attitude in order to survive. Eventually, Jakeem comes into possession of Johnny Thunder’s genie called Thunderbolt. He received the genie from a pen given to him by Jay Garrick. Donald Glover has been lobbying to play Spider-Man for some time, we doubt this will ever happen. So instead of casting him as what everyone would expect (Static Shock), we went in a whole new direction. Glover as Jakeem would give the character a ton of exposure and possibly another life in comics. He would be DC’s answer to Spider-Man.

Charlie Hunnam & Odette Annable as Hawkman/Carter Hall & Hawkwoman/Shiera Sanders

Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders live out their destinies as reincarnations of the ancient Egyptian prince and princess, Khufu and Chay-Ara, using magic weaponry and Nth Metal. Hunnam and Annable have the look and are well known, but not too well known that they would be difficult to sign for multiple movies. If you’ve seen Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy and/or Annable in Banshee then you would know how perfect they are for the roles of the doomed couple.

Now let’s bring on the bad guys!

Zachary Quinto as Vandal Savage

When caveman Vandar Adg was bathed in the radiation of a meteorite thousands of years ago, it provides him a superior intellect and nigh-immortality. He has manipulated history to his advantage, assassinating Caesar, advising Napoleon, and committing murders as Jack the Ripper. Savage has battled heroes all throughout history, including Immortal Man (who also gained similar gifts from the meteorite) and the Hawk avatar, he crossed swords with the Green Lantern while working with the Nazis, before becoming one of the most frequent threats to face the JSA, and one of the founding members of the Injustice Society. Quinto is great as Spock in the Star Trek series there’s no denying that, we however feel he was at his best playing the superhero serial killer Sylar on Heroes. He was evil, really evil. Yes, they toned down his character later in the series and even made him a hero, but he will always be remembered for the nastiness of the early seasons. That is why he is the perfect choice for Vandal Savage.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam/Teth-Adam

A champion for Shazam in Egypt during the reign of Prince Khufu, Teth-Adam’s family is slain by Vandal Savage’s slave Ahk-ton which spirals him toward darkness in the thrall of Shazam’s demonic daughter Blaze. Shazam strips him of his power, storing it in a scarab, and his former champion rapidly ages for the centuries he had lived as a pseudo-god/avatar. Teth-Adam’s reincarnated as a sociopath named Theo Adam whom discovers the scarab and uses it to become a super-villain. Teth-Adam begins to become able to assert control over the Black Adam persona, capable of complete control after a malignant tumor is removed from the brain of Theo. Becoming a member of the JSA, Adam would again turn to darkness when he invades his native Kahndaq to free it from a dictator, and takes control of it with a group of former JSA allies/members (most notably Atom Smasher). Later he battled them again after his family is murdered and he declares war against the world. Already slated for the Shazam movie, Johnson simply slides into the same role in JSA.

Alan Ritchson as Magog/William Matthews

An Old God whom empowered William Matthews (who took on his master’s name) to eliminate false gods in preparation of the arrival of Gog to Earth. The original absorbs his disciple and is reborn, performing miracles in exchange for worship. These actions split the Justice Society, one side led by Magog and performing Gog’s will until the Old God tried to turn the Flash into lightning. His would-be acolytes reformed and the JSA whole again, they decapitate Gog and embed his head into the Source Wall. Ritchson has the look and size to play Magog and even played Aquaman on Smallville.

Geno Segers as Solomon Grundy/Cyrus Gold

A supestrongswamp elemental pseudo-zombie born in Slaughter Swamp outside Gotham City created from the body of murdered merchant Cyrus Gold, he would face Green Lantern, as wood in his body gave him resistance to the Lantern’s ring, before becoming a frequent opponent to the Justice Society and League, often destroyed but returning to some semblance of reanimation. Over the years he absorbed some of Green Lantern’s power. Sometimes, Grundy would return different, such as a childlike being that followed around Jade or a gentlemanly intellectual that tried to attain true immortality using Amazo. Segers is big and mean in Banshee, plus he has quite the intimidating voice to boot. Paint him white and have him beat up people, done.

Michael C. Hall as Johnny Sorrow

An otherworldly villain, Sorrow became a pawn of the King of Tears that saw an opportunity to get revenge on the Justice Society who foiled his schemes in turn tearing his body apart and making him a target for the Lovecraftian entity. He would be the force to reform the Injustice Society. His face has been so transformed by his experience that it will kill most beings that look at it. Now Sorrow is a character whose face we barely see and that’s fine, Hall has a recognizable voice as well. He’s perfect.

Damian Lewis as Per Degaton

An assistant for the Time Trust (a group of scientists that developed time travel technology often involving the JSA), Per Degaton would turn on his compatriots and meet the time traveling robot Mekanique. She enlists his aid against the All-Star Squadron which starts him down a path against history’s heroes as he unlocks the secrets of time, becoming one of the JSA’s most consistent enemies and a founding member of the Injustice Society as he attempts to alter history to his advantage after stealing the Time Machine of Professor Zee. Lewis is a great actor who could play evil quite well. Not to mention he looks like Per.

There you have it folks! What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments if you agree with our choices!


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