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2015 was a rather....amazing year for television. With 2016 gearing up, 2015 proved that even the small screen can truly put cinematic pieces of gold.

While some amazing shows may be left out, that goes to show how amazing the past year has been.

With space operas, wacky comedies, police spoofs, dragons and a blind man kicking ass, 2015 had it al.

Let's start, shall we?

#10: Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt was a surprise to anyone. But that's wrong, because everyone wanted this show to be amazing, because with a notoriously funny woman like Tina Fey on board and a charming lead. This wacky comedy about a woman being released from a cult unto the real world is a funny and surprising experience.

With season 2 right around the corner, it's time for the newbies, to catch on to this charming series.

Score: Out Of 6

(Lemons are meant for stars, don't get confused)

#9: Game Of Thrones (Season 5)

Game Of Thrones latest season wasn't the best persay but it's amazing set pieces and world make up for the poor story and sometimes....dialogue. With dragons, two fan favourites meeting up, a major WTF death, it's pure Game Of Thrones.

A lot of weight is shoved into Season 6's shoulders because it hasn't any material to work with, but i hope it's bloody good.

Score: Out Of 6

# 8: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a favorite of mine. The characters are great, and the comedy is classic and new and bloody funny. While it might be facing rating problems because of a recent schedule change. The show has a rapid fanbase and pray we don't have another 'Community' on our hands, mates.

Score: Out Of 6

#7: Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty is a good show, wacky and good and has it all. Greay comedy and characters. While some things are annoying ( I just want to choke the bloody fuck out of that dickhead Morty) but it's gettin' insane popularity and thats a good thing, because it's a damn good show.

Score: Out Of 6

#6: The Flash

While not the most serious and best show on television, The Flash is a fun show with interesting concepts and worlds plus charming characters and a fan favorite superhero as the lead is always an advantage to the show.

With Part One of season 2 airing in 2015, it counts as a 2015 show.

Score: Out Of 6

#5: Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman's first season needed some episodes to find it's footing and when it did it well made a rapid fanbase and some of the best review of the year.

Score: Out Of 6

#4: F Is For Family

F is For Family in it's first episode was just the tiny bit smarter brother of Family Guy. But the show grew and the Murphy family became a favorite immediately, and Bill Murphy's Day Off being one of the best episodes of television in 2015.

#3: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones had a lot of hype and despite being written by the writer of Twilight, it was damn good.

With Kilgrave being the only good and menacing MCU villain in a while and Jessica's love of Luke was interesting to see. And goddamn, is Kristen Ritter hot!

Score: Out Of 6

#2: South Park

I gotta admit, i am sucker for South Park. A true fanboy. Even i gotta agree some of the latest seasons werent anything special, they had good episodes(The Game Of Thrones 3-Parter is just ...just...a brilliant piece of art. *Hums Wiener Wiener Song in background*) and there was some dull ones.

With season 19 trying serialized storytelling and doing ti amazingly, but there were some dull ones ( Tweek X Graig is one of the worst episodes of the show. Period.) but for all it did. This was a perfect season. And introduced a new classic South Park character in the form of PC principal.

#1: Daredevil

Daredevil was the best show this year: Cause it's mindblowingly amazing. Cinematography, characters, acting, characters and fight scenes all incredible.

Daredevil amazed audiences in 2015 and hype for Season 2 being huge right now, and appearances by Punisher and Elektra, you know this is gonna be better than ever.


The gif above shows how some people will be if i left their favorite show out. Well, thats what shows i consider the best the Past year, so i am asking this:

What Was Your Favorite Show Of 2015?


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