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In the last decade the programs offered by history channel become reality TV and very little history. I grew up watching the channel for information for my ever curious mind. As they strayed from that I stopped watching.

Enter Vikings. This show is very well done with great attention to historical detail and the Viking saga it is based on. It is hands down the greatest thing history channel has done in the last 10 years.

You start out with the farmer Ragnar Lothbrok. It follows his meteoric rise to Viking fame and power. The personal dramas that unfold are priceless. Exceedingly well written and very human. Casting for Vikings is almost flawless. This is evident in the work and research each actor has put into their character in an effort to bring legendary heroes down to a human level. You truly become attached to the characters as they develop and feel the pain when some are tragically ripped away.

It is gory but not as intense sexually or violence wise as Game of Thrones or Spartacus. It doesn't openly show these happenings as often choosing to often times cut away from the throat slitting or executions. Bringing the shot back to the puddle of blood running away from it afterwards. The battlefield violence is there but nothing more violent then say Lord of the Rings.

Over all the production value, great casting piled onto the attention to detail and faithfulness to the Viking sagas yields an amazing show with many twists and turns. You find yourself almost wanting to build a Viking long ship and sail off for your own adventure afterwards

Keep an eye out for the new season starting soon!


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