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To be honest with all of you, I wanted to leave the movie theater after seeing the first couple scenes of this movie. I was expecting this movie to explain all 5 waves in more than a few minutes of the movie. I have seen this entire movie and I still don't know what the 5th wave was! They told us that the 4th wave was that the others were disguised among them. Then they acted like that was also the 5th wave? It made no sense. Also the first part of the movie had too much gore. Practically everyone except the main 2 characters died. It was bloody and scary and just outright bad.

However, it got much better!....on accident. There were many moments during this movie that made me laugh, but they weren't moments that were meant to cause laughter. The main girl tries to run away from the guy who saved her life with a bullet hole in her leg! So as expected she is super slow and ends up tripping on a pile of leaves with utter fear in her eyes. Ohh nooo, the terrible hot guy who saved my life is after me! There was not much gore after that and I did enjoy it, but it wasn't because it was purposely made that way.

To give credit where it is due, the plot line was unique and unexpected with very good actors we haven't seen a lot of before. It was a new sight to be enjoyed, but still a little rough. I would recommend watching this movie if you are really into action and movies that are so bad they're good.


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