ByDavid Flickinger, writer at

Mad Max with out Mel Gibson? Can't be. No way. Never going to happen.

Well, it did. Surprisingly it is a very solid entry in to the Mad Max universe. You find Max yet again captured by some raider horde and forced to pair with some other folks to get out and continue his journey. Through this he becomes an unwilling hero.

It follows the formula of the Mad Max films that led up to it. Big bad guy, terrible clan of wonky followers, a couple good folk, and a LOT of cool cars. All culminating if a huge vehicle to vehicle fight.

Characters other than max are well cast. Furiosa being a strong embodiment of time tested and true at heart. The war boys are crazy, the big baddies are disgusting and repulsive. The actors all bringing their characters alive in a great way.

A fun return to the post-apocalyptic world of mad max that is a total hoot, well worth a watch. It rides eternal, shiny and chrome, to an 8/10.


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