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(The original title of this was 'WTF? Why can't I find information about these 7 awesome actors?' But that was entirely too long)

Before I begin... yes, I realize it's been quite a while (a VERY long while) since I last posted - but in my defense, I do actually work on things that aren't Dominion related. I know - it's sad but that's how the writing cookie crumbles. Oh, and I've been sick. (I'm going pause to take a moment to absorb all the well wishes I know you're sending me. Damn, people. I'm feeling --- nothing. That's harsh!)

I'm willing to let bygones be bygones because I want to pick up where we left off. And come on, you know you want to, too. It's okay. That's how these relationships work. I write, you read... I make you wait... I write, you read...

Now on with the post! But before I begin I want to say a little prayer because it can't hurt, can it? (After all, I'm writing about a show with angels - it can't hurt, can it?)

Dear God, I come here today to write an article spotlighting 7 f'ing awesome female actors who are part of the unjustly cancelled series Dominion. You've heard of Dominion, haven't You? I assume You have as you are omniscient and whatnot. And seeing as You have an affinity for those beautiful winged creations of Yours, I'm hoping you'll see fit to make those dipshits<Oops, sorry> those people at SyFy take a gander at this article as well as the others I've written so the jackholes <Damn it!... oops... sorry> the group who made the decision to cancel it realize how monumentally stupid their decision was. Because I, as well as thousands of others, think Dominion is one of the best fucking <Son of a bitch... geez... sorry!> scifi-fantasty-apocalypic-action-dramatic shows I've seen in a long time. Amen.

(Oh, and God - if You could whisper in the ear of some of the people over at Netflix to consider making the show an Original Series - it would make me ever so happy. Amen, again.)

If you'll recall from my previous posts (here & here) I had planned to present the actors in a series of posts in pure alphabetical order - but I decided to sort of switch it up a tiny bit. It is still in alphabetical order... I just thought this segment should focus on the FABULOUS women of Dominion. And just in case someone is reading this who has yet to see Dominion, I don't want to give away any spoilers about their dead or alive status.


Zoe Holloway Leader of armed resistance against 'The Haves of Vega' and a former soldier in the Archangel Corps. She's got a good heart and wants the people in the lowest class (V1) to have more of everything. But instead of trying to work within the system (something that, if you've seen the show, would be sort of like having a mosquito try to move a damn mountain; in other words - impossible) Zoe stages a rebellion against the (new) Lady of the City, Claire Riesen. Oh, and Zoe sports some wickedly cool dreads.

Incidentally, have you ever noticed that whenever there's a 'rebellion' the rebels always tend to have weird hair and at least ONE person has funky dreads? Is that a requirement for a rebellion?

Christina Chong It was a difficult to find out a lot about Christina ... probably because she's on the 'rising star' track and unless an actor has a famous family member or comes from a family famous for reasons other than acting OR is blessed to have gotten a role in what is a massive breakout role it takes a while before we, the public, really get to 'look' at the actor who has piqued our interests. And I must say, Christina Chong totally got my attention.

The lovely Ms. Chong was born in England (but damn I must admit she does a seriously badass American accent. *Mental note: perhaps I should write something along the lines of 'Why do the Brits speak 'murican better than Americans?'* as the character of Zoe.

Christina has built an impressive resume of shows and movies during her career. Of course, I put her Dominion role at the top --- though I have to say her role as Lorna Bucket in the 'A Good Man Goes to War' on Doctor Who was probably my favorite. (Sorry, Dominion - but come on - it's Doctor Who! And her role was pivotal... it was the patch she made for Amy Pond that led to the name 'River Song' - so let's all just accept the fact that Steven Moffat is like the science fiction version of Zeus)


Archangel Uriel Lover of the arts and philosophy. We're not quite sure where her loyalty lies with her brothers, the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, because she seems to regard situations with a pragmatic philosophy inasmuch as how the outcomes will serve her best. And she's also bisexual - we think. Or maybe she's a straight up lesbian... but quite frankly who really cares? She is who she is - a kinda sorta batshit crazy Archangel who watches out for Numero Uno and protects whomever she cares for like mad.

Katrine de Candole Once again it was not an easy task to find information on Katrine because she's in that 'still rising' category. But I did it... after a good deal of internet searching I was able to find out a few things! de Candole was born in Berlin which explains and has an interesting German/French blend of a voice. And when she's speaking English it's utterly beautiful to hear. Trust me on this one - her English voice has a 'melts your ears' sort of quality to it.

It's no wonder she became a fashion model - just look at the woman. She is amazingly beautiful. But it seems acting is her true passion which is why she studied at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts and Rada in London. One of her recent lead roles was as Yulia in The Cosmonaut. (I really hope to see more of Katrine - she's got a special something that draws you to her.) One last note: I do believe I read somewhere that she's got a penchant for writing, too.


Noma Banks - Higher Angel, a seriously badass angelic soldier, who spent like twenty some odd years 'watching over' Alex Lannon going so far as to becoming a part of the Archangel Corps to make sure he didn't do something stupid like get himself killed. Oh, and she also had a physical relationship that sort of went south when she was told by her superior (who I'm pretty sure was probably the Archangel Michael) to lay off the... uh... laying with Alex. Throughout the course of the series we learn that Noma 'Nomes' has got some 'loyalty' issues which kinda, sorta lead her to make some questionable decisions.

Kim Englebrect - When I went to hunt for information on Kim I found even less than I did with the Christina and Katrine. And I want to know why the hell is that? Kim is not only a gorgeous woman but she's a phenomenal actress. She's one of those people who you watch and think 'WTF? Where has this woman been? She's an asset to the world of acting.'

I will admit when I first saw her on Dominion I was like 'Hmmm... a supporting character. Ok. And then her 'supporting' role evolved into an all out major character. She totally sneaked up on me as a viewer. There were moments when I laughed with Noma, cried with Noma, and really wanted to slap the shit out of Noma because she pissed me off. Of course, when all's said and done - the only reason I, the viewer, could ever feel that range of emotions while watching a '2D character' is because of the living, breathing person portraying the flat on paper character is that good.

Oh, yes, almost forgot the 'general info'. Kim is from South Africa (production site for Dominion - ever so convenient for her) and has been active in the world of acting in South Africa for a long time - not that the actual world knows that... which better change and change soon because I really like Kim. Incidentally, I think her American accent is so spot on - what's more she totally has the 'You really have annoyed the hell out of me' American eye roll down.

Some of Kim's notable roles are Sarahsara (she's so young and totally awesome in this real life inspired story); Isidingo; Konfetti (So, I'm not from South Africa and the film is partly in English and partly in Afrikaans -with subtitles- but I have to say from the trailer alone - this looks like a funny as all get out movie. I MUST SEE IT!); and, Eye in the Sky with Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, and the late, amazingly great Alan Rickman. (Oh, and Dominion's own Archangel Gabriel... Carl Beukes is also in the film so YES - I WILL SEE THIS FILM!)


Arika Smart and sexy in one petite package. Arika, leader of Helena, (yes, a post apocalyptic city run by women where women are the majority) finds herself in Vega at the time of the Jubilee and unwittingly winds up revealing who the Chosen One is when the Chosen One's adoptive father is murdered by a sneaky little angel who looks a lot like a creepy pale-faced boy. Once that path is unlocked Arika has to shift gears because she sees there's a huge power struggle within the Council and she wants to be on the winning side. So, like any good sneaky person, she flip and flops back and forth between the 'good' (Claire Riesen) and the 'bad' (David Whele) with one goal - get in a position where Helena will profit from the chaos she leaves in her path. Only when Zoe comes into the picture everything Arika has worked for is in danger. Oh, and Arika has an awesome chemistry with David Whele. (I was so looking forward to them hooking up!)

Shivani Ghai - What the hell is the problem here? WHY is it I can find oodles of information about the male actors on Dominion BUT not the female actors? Shivani has been in lots of shows and movies. She was even in Cleanskin with Sean Bean. Who doesn't LOVE Sean Bean? I suppose the entertainment world thinks she's not yet had a real 'breakout performance' to be considered 'star material'.

WAIT A SECOND! The role of Arika on Dominion IS a total breakout role! And Shivani slayed it. Every time her character came into frame my eyes were drawn to her wondering 'what is she up to?'

On a less 'it makes me angry that she doesn't get the recognition she deserves' note - Shivani is another Brit on Dominion. Only she doesn't play an American. And I'm not really sure what her character's accent is supposed to be as it's sort of a blend of British and Indian (I think) but it's soothing and makes you just want to listen to her - albeit with a wary eye!


Becca Thorn - Senator on the Vega Council - a gorgeous auburn haired scientist who just happens to be in an interesting relationship with the Archangel Michael. (Seriously, the very first scene with her character has her with Michael after apparently being involved in an orgy with three other women - so yeah, there's that.) Becca's role isn't huge - but it is pivotal especially when the end of Season 1 rolled around and Michael found out Becca had been up to no good behind his back. And let's just say - Michael did NOT react well. Nope not at all!

Rosalind Halstead Another Brit - another awesome American accent. Rosalind has a background in dance and modeling which segwayed into acting. Aside from her role on Dominion, Rosalind has appeared in many other shows and movies. (If you're a Sherlock fan... you'll recognize Rosalind as Irene Adler's assistant 'Kate' in A Scandal in Belgravia)


Laurel Phillips The jury is still out on exactly what sort of role Laurel will play in the future (because we, the fans of Dominion, refuse to believe that SyFy's stupid act of cancelling the show is the last we've heard of it) A resident of Mallory, Alabama - Laurel is the 'leader' of a group of survivors who've lived a fairly simple life safe from harm because there's a big ass bonfire burning in the center of their town that looks an awful lot like a burning man at the top who has his arms outstretched (OK - so yes, it's supposed to be representative of Lucifer rising from the ashes... too hard to explain it all - just watch the series!) The biggest role Laurel has played is to show him what it means to be devoted and to believe and to help Michael get back his belief that saving humanity is worthwhile.

Olivia Mace Such a lovely actress... so little information on her! Another Brit doing an American accent. Hers was a fairly decent southern accent (not quite an Alabama accent then again, I'm weird about southern accents) Moving on - Olivia, like pretty much all actors, caught the acting bug early in life and trained for work in the theatre as well as on the small screen. But she can now add a big screen credit to her repertoire because she's in a soon to be released film called Eliminators. I'm expecting to see BIG things from this powerhouse actor. And one day I'll be able to say 'I remember when you could hardly find anything about her on the Internet!'

Last but definitely not least...


Claire Riesen Lady of the City, Love of Alex Lannon...The Chosen One (pregnant with his child), Wife of William Whele (not pregnant with his child because they never consummated their marriage), Lover of Gates Foley (not pregnant with his child because she was already totally knocked up by Alex when they hooked up), Frienemy of Arika, Enemy of David Whele AND without a doubt the most unqualified person EVER to run a city. It's harsh, but true. I don't blame her though. Aside from the many loves of the Lady of the City - Claire also had to deal with a rebellion (which she didn't handle too well) because, let's face it, she didn't know what the [email protected]#$ she was doing. And to top it all off, she had to deal with her father becoming a Dyad... but hey, I don't want to give too much away!

Roxanne McKee Surely I'll find a lot of information about the actor who played Doreah (Daenerys Targaryen's handmaid who basically teaches Dany how to do all the things men like to have done to them in bed) in Season 1 & 2 of Game of Thrones. BUT NO! The information on this talented British actor is scant and that's just not right. Roxanne's acting pedigree (just as the filmographies of the other Women of Dominion) is just as impressive as the men of Dominion. So why can't I find out more than the fact that she was born in 1980, has an academic degree in 'Social Policy & Political Science', and had a long running role as Louise in Hollyoaks before getting her GoT role and subsequently her role as Claire Riesen on Dominion? Why?


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