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"Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" is based off of a 2009 book of the same name, that book being a parody of the classic Jane Austen novel, "Pride and Prejudice". Basically, it's a bit of a retelling of the novel with all of the same stuff like dealing with etiquette, a love triangle, and upbringing, this time it just features zombies and it's turned into a brainless action flick. Call me uneducated and desensitized, but I've never read the original Jane Austen book that's considered a literary classic, so I'm just judging this movie as is: A zombie apocalypse that happens to take place during Royal British times in which there's a lot of emphasis on romance and wealthy people doing rich stuff.

The case for this movie is filled mostly with young actors, most of whom I can't even properly name at this very moment, but they were all functional enough for what this movie was aiming at. The two standouts, though, are Lily James and Matt Smith. James is just meant to be this badass chick who can slaughter zombies and still arrive for tea time looking like pure royalty. She plays up that character well, and "Doctor Who's" Matt Smith was also really good in a role that's pure comedic relief. Don't let "Terminator: Genisys" fool you, Smith is a really talented and charismatic actor and thankfully this movie shows that off for us to enjoy when the rest of the cast is simply being serviceable.

As far as pure entertainment value, this movie certainly has its fair share of scenes that are fun to watch. Obviously these are the zombie scenes and in these moments you get plenty of blood, action, cool zombie kills, and some badass individual moments from certain characters. Though I will say that this movie isn't a 100% pure zombie gore-fest. This movie makes an attempt at having a story of sorts and in this particular story when there are no zombies onscreen to keep you entertained, things start to fall apart.

If Young Adult book-to-film adaptations have taught us anything, the worst possible thing you can do in a story like this is adding a love triangle in the thick of it all. There's unfortunately a love triangle in this movie and it's about as interesting as any other love triangle you've seen in any romance made in the past decade. I won't say it's as awful as say Edward, Bella, and Jacob in "Twilight" or even the one in "The 5th Wave", but that's still not anything to be proud of. The love story in this movie is still uninteresting to watch and you just want to get back to watching the zombies.

Also, when this movie isn't focusing on either zombies or romance, it's basically a very basic tale of rich people associating with other people they don't take a liking to for whatever reason, and we see them grow to care for one another and all that stuff. It's full of etiquette and people sitting around in rooms talking of dated roles of women, but none of its interesting. This movie would've benefited very much from at least creating a unique take on the novel's story to keep us invested when there's no zombies onscreen, but as it stands, it's a fairly by the numbers love story with some zombie action involved.

In the end, "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" isn't an awful movie. There's entertainment to be had and the cast does a good job, but there's also a lot of boredom to experience. Purist fans of the original novel will absolutely hate this movie for involving something like zombies in the mix, but I think general movie-goers can actually have some fun watching it. I think it's functional as a one time watch that can slightly entertain, but don't expect anything special from it in terms of story.

Rating: Rental


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