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Alright letsget this kickin'!

1. Im absolutely addicted to this site for about a year now.

2. This is my first post and im absolutely not trying to bash the site , but after reading comment after coment and compiled a list on the biggest complaints I've seen.

3. Post titles on Facebook and here.

Most of us have learned in 2015 about bait click article headline ( being baited into reading an article that sounds enticing so the site gets more viewers for advertise ment) title of post is usually vastly difgerent then thrmene content of the post and leaves most of us feeling we were tricked into reading an article that way overexaggerates it. Be it the author or quality control members. While i get that business is business, but the community here is loyal and help fill the site with free content and staff content. it offends the community we loved for so long.

Thanks for reading my most likely TL;DR article.

4. To piggy back on #3, the best sxample of clickbait seems to be articles and authors who use the most common trick in the book, titles so vague and make you want to see what (THAT) mystery, or what (THIS) article could show off easter eggs or cameos we missed, and posts about things they bet you didnt know about movie. Some pieces are great but most points are extremely common knowledge. I get it helps some people but users who are so in love with films and know all this since we are so into a movie centered website.

4. Staff and common writers; Most of the authors here are extremely nice and have very interesting posts but a few are constantly headlining and never showing off other interesting articles without going to my fifth point.

5. The "latest" section needs somr attention to articles and too good postings, again staf writers usually have popular movies as their subject and have amazing sentence structure and bring in the most viewers through clickbait.

6. comments; we all use this site for the same basic reason so viewers you need to stop bashing articles, ( oh the irony ) , but through sheer refusal or just to spite and br mean many people fly off the handle and jst become hateful and flatout rude, toyally unnecessary, we arent all in a country not following their consitution so they dont have free speech in many situations

6. Look at the horror section and especially young adult and horror, majority of the articles are months old and constantly headlining with subject matter so far off the path. Also thry need to seriously updatr these articles. I get more viewd better ad pays but come on.

Well there you have it few more points I want to address but im writing this in one go and i cant remember a few but ill update if i see something else commonly discussed.

p.s. grammar and titles from everyone is so bad especially with moderaters checking them and mot knowing or chsnging title names to clickbait. And topics nowhere near being movie or site being talked about. There are websites these would go way better on but you get a lot of reads or ads to pay MP. partial need s to go to authors

I hope you enjoy my first post!


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