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A local New Yorker by the name of Jonathan Joseph has recently purchased the newly released "Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4" for the Steam platform. The PC version of the game is horribly broken and has numerous bugs and glitches that make the game near unplayable.

Somehow, he as become so deluded and so cuckolded by entry level shonen that he seems to be under the impression that nothing is wrong with the game. In addition to purchasing the game, he also purchased the official "Season Pass" which will add future content to the completely nonworking game.

"I like being cucked!" John responded after being interviewed and asked why he didn't refund the game when he had the chance.

He continues to be bullied by his comrades and refuses to acknowledge that he wasted his money on a broken game. After he encountered a bug within the gameplay he became very upset and stopped playing the game for a short while before cutting his wrist with a kunai blade and continued playing the game.

Johnathan's newly released book cover
Johnathan's newly released book cover

"He just isn't the same anymore." an anonymous friend of his replied in a recent interview after these events unfolded. We began consulting with various friends of Johnathan and came to the realization that he was so far in denial he had gotten to the point of spewing ad hominems whenever the game was brought up in conversation, leading some to speculate he was very insecure about his purchase.

We believe this to be known as "Shit-Taste Syndrome" in some parts of the world and hope that we can find a cure in the following months. We will be reporting more as the story develops.


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