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Almost a year has passed since we were forced to say goodbye to our friends from Pawnee. Time-jumps in TV shows are risky but the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation was arguably one of their best. Without providing spoilers since the final season was just released on Netflix, I will attest that the show had one of the greatest and most satisfying series finales I have ever seen. Sure I was sad to say goodbye to Leslie Knope and crew but I felt happy to have watched all those years. The show was truly underrated and deserved much more credit than it received for top comedies on TV. Thanks to reruns and Netflix, more and more people have been the discovering the hilarious show. Nothing will ever replace Parks and Rec but here are three new shows that can fill a part of the huge hole left in our hearts after the series finale:

1. Angie Tribeca

Anne Perkins! Rashida Jones left during Season six to work on new projects and this must be the one. Jones plays the lead role of Los Angeles police detective Angie Tribeca. The show, written by Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy, takes on a satirical approach to buddy police shows. Think Scary Movie-like comedy full of laugh out loud and ridiculously funny gags. The show premiered on TBS, January 17th with a 25-hour binge-a-thon replaying all 10 episodes of season one. The show is also playing season one week to week during its normal timeslot. The show also stars Hayes MacArthur, Jere Burns, Deon Coles, and Andree Vermeulen. Don't be surprised to see an awesome set of guest stars pop in such as James Franco, Adam Scott, Bill Murray, and Keegan Michael Key. And the show has already been renewed for a season two!

2. Superstore

A new sitcom on NBC which stars America Ferrera and Ben Feldman as employees of a big-box store in St. Louis, Missouri. The show was written by Justin Spitzer who has worked on The Office and it shares the similar type of humor. If you have ever worked in retail, you know the strange things that can occur with coworkers and customers. The show tackles common retail issues and the awkward coworker relationships that come along. With a unique group of characters, this show has a lot of potential.

3. You, Me, and the Apocalypse

Said to be the funniest NBC comedy since Parks and Rec, the British-American comedy follows groups of people getting ready for the apocalypse since a comet is heading towards earth. The four locations featured include England, New Mexico, D.C., and The Vatican. The show stars Matthew Baynton, Joel Frey, Pauline Quirke, and NBC alums Jenna Fischer and Rob Lowe. The show premiered in the UK in September followed by the American premiere in January. There has been a favorable response among critics and viewers so it could be something to take a chance at!

I want to make it clear that these shows won't take the place of Parks and Rec because that will always be one of a kind. The chemistry between the cast and the superb writing can probably never be matched. There was a unique quality in their humor but made sure to include real life issue. The show had a big heart and I will never get sick of watching reruns. I still have 5000 Candles in the Wind stuck in my head! But we as viewers deserve to have a good laugh and these three shows might do the trick!

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