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Platinum Games is the one. In the article, at, “Platinum Games: ‘Making Original Titles Is Very Difficult’” it highlights a strong video game producer’s issues with creating “100 percent” new and original content. It is in this case, Nintendo and Platinum Games should join forces on a special project.

You have true, fighting games on the Nintendo Wii U such as Smash Brothers, Tekken, Injustice Among Gods, and, soon to be, Pokken Tournament. However, in the final days of the console, a Platinum Games take on a heavy fighter for the Nintendo console could start a necessary franchise.

Why does the Nintendo Wii U deserve it? Three reasons. First, the console needs fighting games. It is not that what is available is not good enough. Every fighting game mentioned is solid, or will be solid on the Wii U. However, a solid fighter with a different intent, newer, but not necessarily with the character of Smash Brothers, could start an indispensable franchise for the Nintendo legacy. There was one previously. That game, however, belongs to Microsoft. I wrote an article, which highlighted one of the final titles for the Nintendo Wii U, to be a fighting game. If Nintendo and Capcom come to a consensus, that game could help the system. Licensing and agreements permit this. Platinum Games, for all their loyalty, deserves a shot at making that game the way they want.

Second, Nintendo owes Platinum Games the opportunity to make that game. Platinum also has to agree to want to make the game. They have the detail, the work ethic, and respect for Nintendo to bring a true fight contender to the Nintendo Wii U. While a game with combination epilepsy or super natural fighting may not come to the system, Platinum Games can be inspired to bring their original thoughts to the Nintendo Wii U. In the article, at Kotoku, it may not be necessary to come up with “100 percent”, of something. In the middle of mobile gaming, and downloadable content, fighting games have been recycled. Why not permit Platinum Games to extend the fighting genre steps ahead of what is available? Imagine you have a character like Dhalsim. His limbs extend across the screen. The character’s breath ignites all who graze it. Platinum Games takes the iteration of the character, for historical purposes, adds three-dimensional space, and understands how to make the fighter, and the game stage work, for the Nintendo console like never before. Imagine Dhalsim could blow his appendages up and extend a blast of fire in his opponents’ faces all at once and end the fight in seconds, or only cause a longer bout in a new fighting game.

Finally, Platinum Games, at least, gets the backing and advertising necessary to bring the distinct fighter to the Nintendo Wii U, and future Nintendo consoles. Nintendo and Valhalla Game Studios deliver Devil’s Third as a necessary title for the system. Good, or bad, Devil’s Third is good for the console. I played Bayonetta, 1 and 2. I enjoyed Wonderful 101. Star Fox Zero will ignite new hope. MadWorld, on the Nintendo Wii, just needed online multiplayer and a world of digital chaos. A fighting game with the Platinum Games stamp, expertise, and Nintendo’s word can give fans hope and the genre on Nintendo’s systems a new life. This is only one genre though. A strong enough title can brings hope of new franchises, with older influences, and needed expectations.


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