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The Scarlett Speedster, The Emerald Archer, Black Canary!

Some of DC's Finest Heroes as they pave the DC Television Universe in such a fantastic way. Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Laurel Lance (tv version); the names in daylight, but to save the cities they love and live in, they're known as The Flash, Arrow (Why not Green Arrow...yet!), and Canary.

If you follow the shows bestowed upon us, you'll know how excellent and grounded these shows can be, while also being extremely entertaining and just so great to see. They will hit the big screen soon, but for now the multiverse they have, the chemistry between Arrow and the Flash alone is just magical. I've always loved The Flash, if there was never a Batman in comic history, The Flash would be by number one hero. The ability to move faster than lightning, (pun because of the suit), going at incredible speeds to even change the clock in any situation, and of course it's Barry Allen! There are some many forms of the Flash it's ridiculous, but the common face of our Speedster is Barry, and they're doing a spectacular job. With Arrow, they've made a darker tone to it, while mixing in this incredible story of redemption, and four seasons in, it is pretty great. In the comics The Green Arrow, has this sarcastic, almost sassy tone it is brilliant almost Green Lantern related, cocky, but The Green Arrow has archery skills, and what makes him unique is all these Batman related arrow gadgets that helps him in every situation, and his calm motives, very batman like, and no they did not go down that road in the tv series, but they're doing a superb job minus the back and forth of stories, but it is working so that's a plus. And lastly Black Canary. Just a nightmare to deal with for her Canary Cry! and when they established that in the series, I was sold on Arrow as being one of the top 3 greatest series shows ever made. Her ninja skills make her an excellent assassin, but in the tv series, she is just sort of lost in her way, they changed a good proportion of it, but we still love the characters regardless.

The DC CW TV trinity. An enormous respect for Greg Berlanti who has a strong grip on these characters and as much as we love some Heroes, in DC's History we can never forget those memorable Villains...


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