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Today, I'm doing an "Answering & Debunking" for the Harry Potter books/films. Basically, I'm going to answer as many Harry Potter-related questions as I can and debunk whatever Harry Potter fan theories I can find. Q = Question, A = Answer, T = Theory, D = Debunking

T: Dumbledore is a time-travelling Ron.

D: Oh, yeah! Great theory. And you know, I heard Snape is a time-travelling Harry. And McGonagall is a time-travelling Hermione.

But seriously though, the theory is completely insane and the evidence is all wrong. Here are some things to debunk the theory: 1) Dumbledore has a backstory and a family (Kendra, Ariana, Aberforth) 2) Dumbledore is gay and Ron is married to Hermione. 3) Dumbledore is half-blood, Ron is pure-blood.

T: Lord Voldemort cannibalizes his victims to make Horcruxes.

D: Harry is a Horcrux. What the hell did Voldemort eat to make him a Horcrux? No proof at all.

Q: Why did Harry's scar hurt when he looked at Snape?

A: I think it's because Harry's scar hurts when he looks at Voldemort. Harry was looking at the back of Quirrell's head and since Voldemort was there, that gave the impression that he was looking at Snape.

T: The Dursleys were so mean to Harry because they were living with a Horcrux.

D: So it has been established that Harry is a Horcrux. And in the seventh book, it is shown that whenever someone wears Salazar Slytherin's locket (another Horcrux) for too long, they become angrier and nastier. The theory says that this explains why the Dursleys were so angry and nasty to Harry. But it doesn't explain why no one else is affected by Harry and the part of Voldemort's soul inside him.

And you being in the proximity of a Horcrux makes you mean and foul to everyone. The Dursleys are all nice to each other, though. And Rowling has said that not only were Petunia and Vernon Dursley always like that, but it was exasperated by the fact that they hated James Potter, who Harry incidentally looks exactly like.

Q: If Hermione was born in 1979, shouldn't she be a year ahead Harry and Ron?

A: No, because she was born September 19, 1979, making her 11 when her first year started.

T: If you were born from 1985 to 1998, you could be a wizard because Voldemort destroyed the records for all Muggle-Born wizards.


Okay. That's it.


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