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I love SpiderMan
Connie Springfield

The two most popular and loved characters of all time are having yet another team up in the comic universe and it's no surprise to many people but will we ever see a big screen adaption? The chances of that are slim to none but I won't lose hope in it happening but how could DeadPool's foul mouth fit in with SpiderMan here are a few suggestions.

1. Well one possibility is a spin on SpiderMan comic #611 were SpiderMan encounters DeadPool while working with captain marvel and DeadPool does tell SpiderMan he's SpiderMan from the future which makes SpiderMan cry, yet then DeadPool starts saying flirts towards SpiderMan like any big brother would.

2. The Avengers vs X-Men. All though this becoming an actual movie seems extremely impossible but never the less would make large amounts of money yet they do have SpiderMan taking on both teams and not surprisingly win against both of them but DeadPool does decide to come fuck things up as well.

3. A creative way of bringing them together is still circulating for Ryan Reynolds but he would be very interested in doing a crossover of the two heroes.

So would you love to see these characters come together for the best crossover team up movie or will it not happen anytime soon.


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