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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on March 23rd, 2016 and there is a lot of excitement going around. Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill opened up a new exciting universe of DC characters and this will be the second film that opens up the DC Extended Universe and will start to unite our favorite DC heroes. Every actor started somewhere, but were did our highly anticipated Justice League start off?

Ray Fisher / Cyborg

Although little is known of Cyborgs part in BvS, fans still anxiously await to catch a glimpse of the man who will be playing him. Ray Fisher is a Broadway actor known for portraying the great Muhammad Ali. This will be his feature film debut but that does not mean he will be cut any slack by fans. They want a great Cyborg and he knows this. Ray is going to come out with everything he has. He is announced to have his own Cyborg solo film, so they must have faith in his abilities when it comes to holding the weight of his own solo film.

Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman

Gal is an Israeli actress and model. She began modeling in the late 2000's and made her film debut in Fast & Furious (2009) as Gisele, where she performed all her own stunts. She was in the franchise until the sixth film, when her character gave her life to save her boyfriend, Han. She is the third actress to portray Wonder Woman after Cathy Lee Crosby in 1974 and, of course, Lynda Carter in the '70s. She has some very large shoes to fill according to most fans, but I am confident in her abilities and she will make for a new, great Wonder Woman.

Ezra Miller / The Flash

Ezra is the youngest actor to portray Barry Allen, but has some good film credits under his belt. Most notably in 2012's The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in which he co-starred with Emma Watson and Logan Lerman. He has a devoted fan base and I think he will bring a different kind of Flash to the big screen. He is a talented young man nonetheless, and I will look forward to see what he does with one of my personal beloved comic characters.

Jason Momoa / Aquaman

Momoa, which is fun to say and ironically means 'dry' in Polynesian, started on Baywatch as Jason Loane and later visited Atlantis on Stargate: Atlantis. In recent years he has portrayed Khal Drogo in HBO's Game of Thrones and starred in numerous action movies. Some may dislike he is not a copy of the Aquaman from the comics, but I think he can make people intimidated and not write-off Aquaman as a useless hero. He will be returning to Atlantis once again, but this time as Aquaman.

Henry Cavill / Superman

Before he was Superman, you might have caught Cavill in The Tudors, Stardust or one of my favorites, Immortals. He has always been around but you may not have noticed him before. With his role as Clark Kent, he has since shot up to a larger audience and has become a wanted man in Hollywood. For his role as the Kryptonian hero, he has dropped to 3% body fat and gained a substantial amount of muscling even furthering this for BvS. He is a phenomenal Superman and I cannot wait to see him further develop this year.

Ben Affleck / Batman

Ben Affleck is perhaps best remembered with Matt Damon for their Oscar winning film, Good Will Hunting. Since then, he has had films that were great, good, and downright awful. He has already starred as a superhero in Marvels Daredevil, which was not well received by fans or critics alike but has since grown into a great actor and director with films like The Town and Argo. Ben brings a dark, brooding essence to Batman that I think will translate well into the DCEU. He is without a doubt the man for the job. Plus, he's got the chin working for him.


Are you excited to see Batman V Superman this March?


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