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Deadpool has had one of the most successful marketing campaigns In recent memory. From releasing awesome trailers, to very epic viral videos, to even very educational viral videos around screening for cancers, there has been a lot of buzz around this movie.

The character of Deadpool is very unique, because unlike most comic book characters, he knows he is a comic book character. He is always breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience and referencing past events in the comic books as “past issues,” and even responding to the comic book narrator at times. He talks so much his unofficial title is “The Merc With The Mouth.” He pretty much oozes cool on the page and is very much a fan favorite.

So it was such a disappointment when his character was pretty much “de-fanged” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, to the point where he doesn’t even have a mouth. As many problems as this movie had, this was one that made you literally want to start throwing things at the screen. In one movie, they pretty much sucked away everything that made him great. To turn the joking, “meta” assassin who’s very much in on it being a comic into a mute ninja is almost blasphemous.

This was not due to Ryan Reynolds' acting in the beginning of the film, which was pretty much how a young Deadpool would have acted. Based on the disastrous results from that movie, it seemed that there would be no spinoff movie for Deadpool. So for quite some time he lobbied Deadpool getting his own film. It’s finally happening and many fans are hopeful. However they must take a look back at other comic book characters Ryan Reynolds has played:

One problem with Blade: Trinity is that it was not necessarily a great film. The second film was probably the best of the series (and what first introduced many to how great director Guillermo del Toro was) and as a result, the third Blade film was already at a disadvantage. Plagued with many behind the scenes problems, and the fact that the film didn’t show as much of Blade as it did the Nightstalkers, it just didn’t do well.

Ryan Reynolds played former vampire Hannibal King who is a vampire hunter with the Nightstalkers. His character deviates from the comic books as he is 100% human after being turned back. In the comic books, he is a vampire that doesn’t consume the blood of victims and doesn’t like using his powers so he can be as “human” as possible. This already doesn’t make the character great. However in this film, he is pretty much just “Van Wilder the vampire hunter.” He cracks way too many jokes at unnecessary moments. This works in many Ryan Reynolds movies, but just comes across as lame and pretty much sucks the tension out of this movie in the worst way.

Ryan Reynolds' next dip into the superhero genre was to be the lead in the film Green Lantern. This seemed to line up perfectly. This was a movie coming out when the superhero genre was starting to gather steam. While the film was somewhat faithful to the source material, it just came across as too campy and poorly executed. This movie was supposed to be the kickstart of a new DC Cinematic Universe, but ended up being a gigantic flop. Ryan Reynolds did a pretty decent job, but once again played wise-cracking Hal Jordan, which didn’t necessarily work for the film.

So in regards to superheroes, Ryan Reynolds is 0-2. Mainly because instead of becoming that specific character as many have, he just made that character act like Ryan Reynolds. But there is hope for his next film. Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool is a wise-cracking character that it seemed Reynolds was born to play, and he knows it. This film will probably redeem him for the previous superhero failures, and finally give Fox a much-needed win after the abysmal Fantastic Four movie.


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