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How many times has Sean Bean died in his movies? Too many to count right?

Well he obviously hasn’t died as many times as John Hurt, but Bean has had not only the most memorable deaths in the film industry but the most deaths as percentage shows with the movies he has been in so far.

When my brothers and I were debating on all the movies Bean has died in, it got us all wondering, “It would be funny if there was a movie all about Sean Bean trying not to die in the movie!”

We then thought about how the plot would pan out. Bean has never been in a zombie movie before… so why not do that? Throughout the movie Bean’s character is trying to survive the zombie apocalypse while all the people he is trying to help, suddenly die in unique ways much like what happens in the Final Destination movies. Do you think Bean would survive a Final Destination movie? Probably not, but here’s hoping!

Anyway, while people are dying from the undead, Bean is hit with some close and funny calls with death. He nearly dies countless times in the movie, but happens to barely escape within an inch of his life.

Close to the end of the movie you find that it seems that Bean has succeeded in being the last man on earth who hasn't been eaten by zombies. Then suddenly he trips on his own shoelace, falling head first hitting a corner of the table that makes him break his neck in the process. In so doing, he comes back as a zombie(The Walking Dead style) roaming the earth!

This would not only be Bean’s first zombie movie, but it would be one of the few movies where Bean doesn’t ‘technically’ die.

If this movie were to happen, I would call it “Dead Sean Bean”. They reason I would do that is because though all three of the words have similar spelling s for their endings, they don’t happen to rhyme. Making it fit well with the reason behind this post below:

What do you think? would this be a cool movie for you to watch? Let me know on the comments below!


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