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So while watching the GOP debate tonight, I couldn't help but notice there were just seven candidates left in the race and well, they all happen to resemble Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Here's an example:

Donald Trump isn't always happy; but there is room to argue for a slight resemblance. Happy's hat sort of looks like Trump's Try squinting maybe?

Brown eyes, a prominent nose and black eyebrows...yep, looks like Bashful and Ted Cruz have quite a few similarities.

Marco Rubio is always getting told he's too young to be president, which makes him the perfect match for Dopey, arguably the youngest and cutest dwarf who is always getting scolded by Doc. Not to mention they both have very big ears. ;D

This kind of speaks for itself. Dr. Ben Carson has a very soothing, quiet, calm demeanor. And he's also a bit sleepy.

They both wear glasses and act as the most qualified, grandfatherly role; both are also tough on Dopey/Rubio. In the end, he's not most people's favorite, but it wouldn't be the same without him either.

Chris Christie went on the attack last night on Rubio, which earns him the distinction of being named Grumpy. There's definitely a resemblance though, no?

Kasich doesn't least not that I've seen. He pretty much gets this dwarf by default. They do kind of have similar looking mouths though, right?

Did I get it right? What do you think?


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