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While so many of us love superheroes and to see the obstacles they overcome, it is perhaps more interesting to see heroes with no supernatural powers who have come to be called vigilantes. The lack of super powers (in my opinion) makes the heroes more interesting as the obstacles they face will be much harder for them to overcome. Although they are not always fighting those who contain powers deemed supernatural.

Even with Bruce Wayne's financial ability to take on Superman in this years 'Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice', it is still an interesting thought to who would win between the billionaire playboy and the not so thriving blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen.

While Bruce Wayne may be gearing up, spending a lot of time and money to defeat Superman, he would most likely not waste his time when facing a vigilante seeking the same justice that he does. But are they really the same and who would defeat who?

While Batman (at least in The Dark Knight trilogy) is unable to kill anyone and be corrupted, Ben Affleck (who ironically plays both characters) lets a subway train rip a man to shreds after being acquitted of a crime he knew the man to be guilty of through his super sharpened senses that occur naturally when one of them is lost. But in 'Batman Begins', Bruce also let Ra's al Ghul die in a subway train crash after taking out the train tracks.

Bruce Wayne and Matt Murdock are both orphans who witnessed the death of at least their fathers (in a manner of speaking) while Matt's mother is supposedly a nun who ran away after trying to physically harm her son. While Matt is known as the man without fear, Bruce's fear of bats became his symbol for justice and for all criminals too fear.

Both men have suffered a great deal and seem to hold the same code, morals, and ideals about how to serve justice. Both are also skilled in martial arts and can single handedly take out multiple criminals before walking away. It is an exciting thought to who would win between two men of the same physical caliber. Though I am not a superhero nerd or expert I would truly love to hear from those who are and find out your opinion on who would be left standing in the end.


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