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Moorim School is a 2016 Korean supernatural drama. I've only seen two episodes, but I plan on binging the rest later today. Why is it so good? Several reasons.

But first, why is it the Korean Hogwarts? It's the classic story of an unknowingly magic protagonist, but in this case it may be unknowing protagonists. A Chinese chaebol and a disgraced idol end up at the school through the interventions/facilitation of the two female leads.

Right off the bat, in the very first scene of the first episode, we get action and magic. A father running away with his daughter from pursuers fends them off with martial arts and sorcery.

There is a recurring black character (played by Samuel Okyere) who not only speaks Korean, but is not explicitly highlighted as or ostracized for being (at least not yet) a foreigner.

The school is an international one, with students representing multiple countries, including China, Germany, Ghana, England, and Thailand. The casting is just as international.

An international cast means international appeal
An international cast means international appeal

Like any good Korean drama, there are at least 50 different subplots. Here are some I've sussed out:

  • hidden identity
  • love child
  • company politics
  • love triangle
  • school politics
  • untapped/unknown potential
  • overcoming mental block associated with personal tragedy
  • The orphan
  • The unwilling but inevitable friendship/bromance
  • idol drama
  • unrequited love
  • the schemer

In other words, if you're looking for a new Korean drama with action, fantasy, all the best storylines, and a multicultural cast, you should start watching Moorim School.

You can kind episodes of Moorim School here at Viki and here at DramaFever.


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