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I never thought I would have seen the day where Deadpool actually makes a return in the form the character was meant to be portrayed. Even weirder to think that this movie only happened because of old concept art for the movie back in the day that got leaked out to the public.We've also seen Deadpool before in Wolverine: Origins which was always remembered as "The movie that ruined Deadpool". Now that time has past and we finally have the movie we've all been waiting for this character to get.

So many films today focus so much on the action set pieces (especially the blockbusters) that it is refreshing seeing a comic book movie with an actual good script that is both cleaver and funny! This movie is very self aware of itself and with the time we live in. From pop culture to the state of films today, with that being an overboard amount of comic book movies that are only getting larger is number per year.

As a whole package, this is a very excellent made movie. From great acting, great action, great editing, the list could go on. All this coming from a first time director in a movie with a much smaller budget than the competition of today's movies. There is a charm about movies being smart with how they use special effects especially CGI and this one did a great job at handling that. Doing set pieces in camera will always feel more impressive than creating it in a green screen environment. Could if have used a bigger budget for better effects? of course, but its about how well you present the movie that determines the believably of the effect on screen.

Now if there was anything that I can see people either having a problem with or would wish this could be changed is the rating. Its a mixed bag, because that character itself fits the R rating, but I always say you can editing things down to make it watchable to everyone. Even going to so far as to say less is more, when it comes to comedic moments and violent intensive scenes. I suppose it really is up to you, but the question is, would the movie have been better if it was PG-13? a good question to ask after you see the movie for yourself.

It is nice to see a film that is just really good and entertaining. Even more important, a movie actually portraying a character just as he is represented in the comics! Its a fun time and you won't have any problem paying full price if you know what you are getting into.

Rating: B



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