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There are some questions that we will never get the answer to, like was Leonardo DiCaprio still dreaming at the end of Inception? Yeah, that one will haunt me forever. But some crazy questions that we never knew we needed the answer to are the ones that a dedicated team of individuals will go and find out. One of these questions?

Which 90's Show Is The Most Popular Today?

Fortunately there is a dedicated team that has found the answer for us! A team over at went and discovered which TV shows from the 1990's are the most searched for in each U.S State in the last ten years! While this is an impressive feat, and I'll never truly understand how they did it, it does leave one burning question in my mind.

Who Came Out On Top?

Well, as it turns out there was a pretty even split between two shows for first place, with one being exactly what you would expect, and the other being a little bit surprising. Check out the infographics made by the team below!

So, let's have a look over all of that!

The Number One Most Searched Show!

Wait for it Joey!
Wait for it Joey!

It is very close my friends. Get it? Friends? Anyway, Friends and Dragon Ball Z share the states between themselves for top space, with Friends taking the majority of the Northern states, and Dragon Ball Z sweeping the southern regions. However, it seems a little inconclusive about which of the shows actually wins overall. But we'll get to that!

The Number Two Most Searched Show!

Well Goku here is shocked because, while the split of second place was basically Friends and Dragon Ball Z reversed from their first place positions, the sneaky comedy Seinfeld stole Vermont away, leaving Dragon Ball Z to only take third there. Will this affect it's chances of taking first place overall away from Friends? We will soon see, but first let us check out the rest of the third place winners.

The Number Three Most Searched Show!

While Seinfeld dominates across the board in the third place race, Dragon Ball Z took Vermont because it was beaten out of second by Seinfeld. In addition to this, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air managed to steal four states, and even Full House managed to take one.

The Number Four Most Searched Show!

While a lot of shows were able to steal states in the fourth place race, the winner was without a doubt Full House. The show took almost thirty states, with Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The X-Files all taking between five and eight. The long running Sci-fi series managed to snap up the North-West, while The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Seinfeld fared better in the South-West.

So now that we've seen all of that, I bet you want to see the overall chart to find out who won, right? Well let's just look at fifth place as well first!

While Seinfeld, Full House and The X-Files all continued to take states in fifth place, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air really dominates here, and we begin to see Boy Meets World, Frasier and Star Trek: The Next Generation enter the fray.

That's as far as the state-by-state maps go, but we can finally reveal which of the shows took the overall first place. Are you ready? The winner is...

Dragon Ball Z!

Narrowly beating out Friends, Dragon Ball Z takes the prize for most searched 90's show in all of the USA since 2004! Which is actually a bit shocking, because when I think of the nineties, I think of Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier. But that's not how America chose, and now you know. (And knowing is half the battle).

Thanks for reading guys! If you want to check out all of the research on this topic, you can find it at


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