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(Please, if you haven't read the first two books and the two novellas in the series, read them first!)

I am so happy to say that I finally had the time to read Rysa Walker's YA novel "Time's Divide," the third in the Chronos Files series. Rysa has confirmed on Goodreads that this book is indeed the end of the story for Kate, the series' time-traveling Kung Fu fighting protagonist, who is now preparing to go head-to-head with her evil grandfather, Saul, to save the world from his plan to kill off most of the world's population to gain power and win a bet (yes, you read that right!).

Kate is a great protagonist. She is an ordinary girl who gets whisked away from normal everyday humdrum life and is thrown into an adventure (who doesn't daydream about that every now and again, right?). She is strong-willed and, most the time, completely capable of taking care of herself, protecting her from that rehashed "damsel-in-distress" role.

Kate's time-traveling partner is Kiernan, an Irish immigrant who was born in 1885 and fell in love with her when they met in a different timeline. This is a bit of a hiccup now, because Kate doesn't love Kiernan in this timeline, she loves Trey, a boy that goes to her school in her present day life. However, Kiernan is most certainly my favorite character because although he struggles with this alternate reality, he almost always ends up being a voice of reason and logic for Kate, making him a very stable and likable character.

A staple of this series that I love is how Walker intertwines fact-based historical events with her fictional plot, and this time around we get to meet Houdini!

My only criticism regarding this novel is the over-used application of exposition at the beginning because of the addition of many new characters. Many pages are spent setting up their story lines rather than continuing with Kate's story.

BUT, when we do get to the action, our patience is rewarded! Once the story picks up, it doesn't stop, and although it jumps around a lot between the past, present, and future, it is easy enough to follow.

This book is great fun for readers who love history, science-fiction and/or time-travel stories, or just enjoy a fast and clean read!


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