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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or PPZ as it shortens to is a film that came out on Friday. I had the opportunity to watch it this weekend and I thought it was a delightfully sexy, thrilling rhomp, with gratuitous blood loss and zombie annihilation abound.

The movie is of course an adaptation of the novel which is in turn an adaptation of one of our planets greatest novels. This however is far more exciting for the men who dislike the froofroo original romance.

The story was pretty good in terms of connecting to the book. It took a few liberties but really spot on. The Zombies infuse a sense of dread upon the characters something that is not in the Jane Austen version. While it that they all feared they would not be we'd this is far darker.

I did enjoy that notion of even though they were higher on the social ladder their father sent them to China to train as it was considered weaker then Japan.

The action was amazing and the camera angles accentuated it. The story moved briskly and it was something you didn't want to look away from.

Lily James as the main character Lizzie Bennet was a great move. I enjoyed seeing the woman who was recently Cinderella as a zombie slaying heroine.

This movie is great because of the power of women. They really can do all they need for themselves but still due manage to find love like in the Austen version.

Matt Smith's character is a true drole treat, though I never watched Dr.Who I enjoyed him. The other actors were also great from Charles Dance and Lena heady, to Bella Heathecorte. A truly sublime cast.

If you liked the book, the movie should wet your appetite. I think that they could do a sequel but it would have to be as good or better then thisbto be worth it.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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