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We've spent 8 years waiting in anticipation. Will the Gilmore Girls get its much deserved ending? Will rory end up with one of her old boys or will she get a new one? Will lorelai and luke have their happily ever after?

After a long wait, the prayers have been answered. The shooting of the much awaited revival has begun. Luke's diner is open for business. Michel is back in the dragonfly Inn.

However, not all those dreams come true. We will miss the presence of our dear Richard Gilmore. The gilmore house won't be the same without him. Emily won't be the same.

The bad news doesn't end here. Our beloved Sookie will probably be missing. Does this mean Jackson, Davey and Martha will give the show a miss too? And why would they be present, they are incomplete without the spectacular Sookie.

While all the fans have chosen their favourite boy for rory, not all of them are returning. Until now, the only person returning to the show is Logan. The Dean ship had sailed long ago.

Meanwhile, Jess and Rory had unfinished business. Their love story was never complete, it never hit a dead end. One thing that all fans definitely need in a revival is Rory and Jess. However, with no confirmation on Milo Ventimiglia's return, all the literati fans are dying in anticipation.

For if Jess doesn't end up with Rory, or at least their relationship doesn't get a closure, the revival will always be an incomplete one for us.

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