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A character of multiple choice, the Joker lives up to his reputation throughout comic books and film with different back stories that keep the mysterious villain interesting.

Tim Burton's Batman followed the comic books, bringing the Joker's characteristics to life by having him accidentally fall into a barrel of acid turning his hair green, his skin white, and his lips red. This has also caused him to have a permanent smile.

Over the years the Joker has had many backstories but the best portrayal of the Joker undoubtedly goes to Heath Ledger, whose Oscar winning performance was a team effort among himself and writers John and Christoper Nolan. Although some people prefer to stay true to the comics I think creating new and exciting origins of characters such as the Joker is a way to show fans a side of him they have never seen before.

Below is a scene from a script I am writing explaining how the Joker got his scars and lost his mind. Some dialogue is in reference to The Dark Knight Trilogy.

I/E. A HOUSE - NIGHT Outside the moon gleams on a small ram shackled house. Silence lurks in the darkness as if the house resides in the middle of a ghost town. But it doesn't for unlit houses lie no more than ten feet away.

BEDROOM In a small room a boy, no more than eight years old, draws a picture with crayons strewn about the floor. His name is Jack. He picks up a red crayon and colors in a picture that we do not see.

But we do. As he finishes coloring we see that the picture is of his mother, his dad, and him. He and his mother are on one side while his dad is laying down with red around his head. It's blood. In the picture Jack is wielding a knife.

He opens up a folder with similar pictures and places it in the pile when he is suddenly startled by a loud crash. He walks slowly to the his door, opens it, and walks towards the kitchen. He sees his mother lieing on the floor, her face bloodied and bruised.

His father suddenly turns to see Jack standing there.

Jack's Father Why so serious?

He grabs his son by the shirt and holds a knife to his left cheek.

Jack's Father

You know you really should smile more. Let's say we put a smile on that face.

What Jack's father doesn't know is that Jack has a knife he has long kept for protection. Jack stabs his father right through the heart who falls to the floor and is instantly dead. As his father bleeds out Jack walks over, pulls the knife from his dads chest and walks through the blood towards his mother who is barely alive.

Jack kneels down beside his mother and begins to cry. Not because of what has happened but because of what he is about to do. Jack, believing he is saving his mother from a further life of hell, slices his mother's throat and watches as she slowly fades.

After a while he gets up and notices his reflection in the kitchen window. Jack cuts both his cheeks as if too form a permanent smile he could otherwise not show.

It's a working progress but I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism.


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