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It's sad that an RPG like Five Nights At Freddy's World (abbreviated as FNAF World) has gotten so much backlash that it doesn't deserve. Especially from people who can't appreciate what's been given to them.

FNAF World is a good RPG, contrary to everyone else's belief. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the teaser trailer for the game that came out awhile back:

Now if that doesn't help you understand, I'd just go over to any YouTuber who's either currently doing an entire Let's Play on the game or has already done everything. That way, you're not out of the loop anymore.

Now, let me tell you why FNAF World is actually a good RPG, because apparently those who gave negative responses do not understand the context behind their own words.

I think it should be obvious that not everyone will truly understand how RPGs can and do work. I am one of those people who understands very well, and I am smart enough to realize that FNAF World does not need to be what other people want it to be.

Looks like I got your attention. Good.
Looks like I got your attention. Good.

I'm gonna keep this short and to the point (as much as I can anyways). Our perception of RPGs has been twisted since the genre's early beginnings.

Franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are a testament to that. But at the same time, those franchises knew when to break away from what is "obvious".

I'm adding in occasional images from the game so you can see what it looks like.
I'm adding in occasional images from the game so you can see what it looks like.

Take Crisis Core for example. It broke away from the Final Fantasy VII formula greatly. Even the Tales franchise does things differently in each of their games.

And then there's Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and its Playstation 2 counterpart. You see how different that game is compared to every other one? And even the remake of Final Fantasy VII coming in a few years is breaking its own mold. I could go on.

This brings me to the main point about this article:

There are NO rules that RPGs EVER need to follow!

Far from it. I'd keep reading if I were you.
Far from it. I'd keep reading if I were you.

This is obvious, regardless of who you are or what kind of gamer you make yourself out to be. And it's something that needs to be addressed.

RPGs are like Theatre. There is nothing that prevents a director to do Theatre in one's own way. Same goes to RPG creators. Different medium, same concept.

We're all made to believe that RPGs have to follow some set of rules/requirements or go by some sort of "norm" without question. And that "norm" is usually conjured up by fanboys of specific RPG franchises or typically members of the media.

Here is what one of the game's boss battles look like.
Here is what one of the game's boss battles look like.

But here's the problem with that: people can make RPGs in any way they want to. There are NO rules or requirements to follow. The general "norm" means nothing to RPG creators.

It's why franchises like the Souls series exists. They literally break the general "norm" and are immune to it, having their own "norm" to follow through however they wish.

And guess what? FNAF World does the exact same thing.

Yes, really! Now keep reading!
Yes, really! Now keep reading!

Games like Dark Souls are unique as they are pretty much "figure it out" RPGs.

You're literally thrown into the world and left to fend for yourself, being forced to learn the lay of the land to survive and progress. You're given clues and some sort of direction from time to time, sure, but you're left to your own devices for the most part otherwise. And it's through figuring things out that many gamers on the internet were able to share what they've learned with everyone else.

The same applies to FNAF World. It's a "figure it out" RPG. A lot of mechanics and understandings from other RPGs that came before it are missing, mainly on purpose. This game doesn't hand you things on a silver platter. It's up to you to figure out everything the game has to offer.

If Scott Cawthon was okay with what he created, he would not have taken the game down and given people refunds to begin with. He would have just looked at all of the backlash and laugh.

Then again, this could have just been a total publicity stunt. Or maybe he just took the game down on purpose regardless of the reviews. But I digress.

Because let's face it. All of those negative reviews are just spouts of ignorance from people who do not understand how RPGs work, nor do they realize that FNAF World has its own "norm" that it follows.

This is what the Overworld is meant to look like.
This is what the Overworld is meant to look like.

I don't mean to hate on anyone, but I'm not gonna apologize for anything that I've said either. I hate being blunt about all this, but this is the reality.

RPGs can be whatever they want to be. If you don't like that, either get over yourselves or go back to playing Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger or whatever typical RPG you love to pieces.

Okay, rant over. I feel a lot better now that I got this off my chest.

Anyway, thanks for giving this a read, guys. I've been meaning to write about this the moment I found out FNAF World got a lot of negative reviews. But I decided to hold out for a little bit and compose myself so I know what to say and how to say it. And I think I've done a good job, considering how brutally honest I can be at times.

Really, this is a big pet peeve of mine. And I felt the need make my voice loud and clear about this. I know some of you might think this is more of a rant about RPGs in general, but FNAF World is more like the avenue into this topic. Hopefully you guys are okay with that.

So, does anyone agree with me? Do you disagree? And if so, why? I'll gladly discuss this further either way in the comments if you so desire. Also, what is your favorite RPG that breaks from the general "norm"?

Anyway, that's all for this article. I will catch you guys later. Peace. Out! ;)


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