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Nathaniel Rego

There are plenty of anticipated Disney Princess Movies that are live action coming soon each to theaters including Mulan, Frozen, Tangled, and Brave.

Jamie Chung, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li have been cast in the upcoming live action remake of Mulan, while Once Upon A Time actresses Elizabeth Lail and Georgina Haig shall reprise their roles in the upcoming Frozen live action movie as Elsa and Anna; for instance.

The actress from the fifth season of Once Upon A Time who did Merida won't be reprising the role in the upcoming Brave live action remake. Instead it shall be Amy Adams (Man of Steel, Enchanted).

Even best of all, the anticipated sequel to the live action remake of Cinderella last year titled Cinderella 2: Twice Charmed focuses on Lady Tremaine (Cate B) and her cat Lucifer and her daughters joining forces with a witch doctor known as Dr. Facilier in altering Cinderella's past making sure she's never met Prince Kit at the ball. Lily James reprises the role of Cinderella in Cinderella 2: Twice Charmed, in theaters soon.

Besides Mulan, Frozen, and Brave, with the future Cinderella sequel; there's plenty of future Disney princess live action films prone to debut in theaters soon.


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