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Kaitlyn Beckner

eSports is quickly gaining more and more recognition, in-between selling out huge venues, like Madison Square Garden, to being able to choose your fantasy team and start betting on players.

At this rate, it's going to be one of the biggest sports in the world and actually be considered a "real sport." You can even now earn a scholarship from some colleges for your League of Legends skills — that's pretty incredible to me.

Now, someone like me, who has never been into "real sports" aside from extreme sports like BMX, skateboarding or snowboarding, has always had a love for all things gaming. So it's awesome to see it becoming a legit sport. I love being able to justify my hobby and getting involved in such a huge and constantly growing community.

Who do we really have to thank for the rise of eSports? Most would argue League of Legends started the uproar, but I think games like Halo and Call of Duty also have a lot to do with it as well. These games paved the way for competition, granted they didn't start it all of course, but they gained popularity and now they have these worldwide tournaments.

The teams are growing and the competitions are getting bigger than ever, with cash prizes sometimes resulting in millions. With teams like Evil Geniuses and Team SoloMid, I think kids are able to feel more accepted in their hobbies, and get a good sense of family in this ever-growing community.

More and more gaming conventions and events are surfacing, and smaller conventions are growing bigger than ever before. Popular events like PAX or BlizzCon are in their prime right now, and you can always catch some kind of gaming tournament going on.

I think the rise of eSports is a wonderful thing; it's building a community for kids' that feel left out or alone, because they aren't into traditional sports. It's an accepting community for people all around the world who would rather spend their time indulging in a video games than football or baseball. It's a way to get people to share their passion of this kind of art with others in a way that was never possible before.

How do you feel about eSports? Do you consider it a real sport?


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