ByPascal Nagtegaal, writer at
.... I can get that you have to work to get your special items but In my opinion Bungie is getting way to drastic with how much and how long you need to grind your ass off in order to finally get the items you're aiming for. I'm doing the weekly strikes every week in hopes to get an exotic as an reward and so far still nothing and sometimes not even a purple engram but only blue ones!! i have also stopped buying those three of coins cause they are not worth your strange coins if you only get an exotic out of them once out of 100 coins or something. And if your lucky enough to get an exotic out of them then it's almost always the same guard piece. Altough the concept of this game is great, to me it feels to much as a dayjob and that kinda ruins the fun after a while of constant disappointments. And then there are the constant never ending problems with the servers because of this outdated p2p crap system because Bungie is just to cheap to get their own dedicated servers to solve this problem once and for al. Cause this is also a very big problem for allot of players who stopped playing Destiny because of this. So if Bungie won't decrease the grinding and won't get their own dedicated servers for Destiny 2, then I don't see a very long future anymore for this game.

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