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Last year, Marvel teamed up with Netflix to bring Daredevil to life in a new TV show. Although the show currently only has one season, it has a large following and a great number of fans looking forward to season two.

One of the best things about Daredevil (as a character rather than a show) is that he's a blind superhero. This is was a great idea because it shows that anyone can help people, and that you can still live a good life even if you're handicapped. Daredevil makes you want to do something more, as all good superheroes should.

Charlie Cox, the character who plays Matt Murdock was just as amazing as the superhero. The character was realistic, with good emotion to bring the character to life. The writers did their job well. He's a very well-rounded character, and he has a lot of depth. He had the right amount of comedy, sarcasm and seriousness, which coupled with Cox's acting talent, made him a very realistic character.

As I said before, the writing was brilliant. The story-line was developed perfectly, and the characters had the right balance of emotion, wit and back-story. I liked every single character in the show because even the antagonists were created in such a way that made them interesting and, in some respects, likable.

Foggy, Wesley, Ben, Claire and Karen were all amazing characters. They were each given individuality in personality and the plot-twists kept them interesting and relevant.

Characters from Marvel's Daredevil
Characters from Marvel's Daredevil

The plot-line overall is amazing, with twists and turns in just the right place to keep fans interested and hanging on the edge of their seats. Very few parts were predictable and all of the characters remained important and relevant throughout.

My favourite scene had to be the hallway fight scene in episode two . What I really liked about this scene was that they worked hard to make it realistic. A lot of TV shows and films will have the protagonist how of, whereas in Daredevil, the hero realistically had to keep stopping for breath and to recover.

It was great. Perfectly choreographed, definitely believable, and he used a microwave as a weapon (which deserves credit). I also really like that they introduced him into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This means that in the future, there is potential that he could turn up in one of the big Marvel films, battling it out with the rest of Marvel's biggest and best.

Regardless of whether or not it joins a film in the MCU, fans are looking forward to season two of this epic show, which will be released this March.


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