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1.) Storyline

How often do you watch a show revolving around gemstones fighting evil? You don't, because Steven Universe is completely unique. Created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe follows the life of Steven Universe, a 14 year old boy who is half-human and half-crystal gem (the gems are an alien race who rely on their gemstones for their powers). His life is filled with fighting monsters and making friends. Of course, what's a boy without his family? Steven is raised by three crystal gems (Pear, Garnet and Amethyst) and his dad Greg. Have I mentioned that Steven is his own mom yet? Steven Universe is a masterpiece anyone from the age of four to 40 will enjoy.

2.) LGBT Representation

How rare is it to find an actual LGBT couple on everyday TV? Well Steven Universe takes a step forward for Daytime TV. Although Gems are gender-less, they do have pronouns, and two "female" gems are in a confirmed relationship. The two love and care for each other like every couple should, but the biggest difference between Sapphire and Ruby's relationship compared to any other couple's is that their love takes a new form. The two "fuse" to form a stronger gem powered entirely by their love.

3.) Musical Numbers

If you enjoy songs with meaningful lyrics, well then you'll love SU. Practically every other episode features a song number that expresses how a character feels. Of course the theme song and outro are both extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head for weeks.

4.) Character Development

Like humans, gems can grow as a person. Comparing a gem from the start of the season to the end will show obvious signs of self realizations. SU really shows how we should all learn from our mistakes and how we develop as individuals. For example, Amethyst (a crystal gem) always felt sorta jealous of Pearl. Pearl being a perfectionist is often praised for her actions. In rebuttal, we can see Amethyst act reckless and more spontaneous to get the equal amount of attention as Pearl, but as we develop on. Amethyst begins to discover herself, realizing how unique and important she is as an individual.

5.) Emotions

SU is a show filled with raw emotion. From the good times to the bad you'll be either laughing with Steven, or crying with him.

In conclusion, SU is an incredible piece of work. Currently with two seasons and 78 episodes you'll have plenty of time to catch up while we're on hiatus.


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