ByChris McD, writer at

Witcher 3 was phenomenal. At first it's unique crafting system is a bit overwhelming but if you ignore it and continue on the main quest it eventfully makes more sense. That bit aside it was the most engrossing game I've played since the mass effect trilogy. For this reason I've happily bought the game and season pass twice (first on ps4 and now on my new power PC built for VR).

Why hey buy the game twice? Well it's my best way of throwing money at cd projekt red as they make my favorite genre come to life, cyber punk inspired by bladerunner. This is a studio who weaves story telling, characters, gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay together like no other studio has ever done. I can name almost every side quest I did in the witcher 3. The narrative twists turns and surprises were so intoxicating that I needed to do every side quest. Not for the experience, but to find out every story gem the game had to offer.

I cannot wait to tap into the cyberpunk world they are creating. If witcher 3 is any indication I will feel compelled to do every little sidequest that the game has to offer. Cheers to you cd projekt red, I'll be replaying witcher 3 and watching bladerunner on an endless loop to bide my time until cyberpunk 2077 is ready for release!


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