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[DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) on the CW made a huge splash as the series premiered just weeks ago. Building off of the universe established in Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow has brought some minor characters from either show and brought to the foreground. Being a time traveling show, the creators of the show are also using it as a vessel to introduce some iconic DC characters. However, could all these characters possibly be connected to a famous DC team up from the comics? One older than even the Justice League? That's right, I'm talking about...

The Justice Society of America

A predecessor to the famed Justice League of America, the Society was a major team during the Golden Age of Comic Books. As it turns out, a majority of the key members of the team have already showed up on one (or more) of the shows in the Flarrow universe (the name for the connected universe including the shows Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Constantine). Could the creators really be building this team as the main focus of the Legends of Tomorrow series? Will the program show the creation of one of the most famous teams in comic book history? Let's take a look at the evidence

Characters We've Already Seen

Let's start of this list of evidence with characters who are already established as characters in the Arrowverse. All of these characters were either founding members (perhaps with different secret identities) or important additions to the Justice Society of America.


Although in the comics it was the Jay Garrick (who is also an established character), the Flash is a founding member of the JSA and was a member for a very long time. Luckily, in the Arrowverse the Flash is a wonderful character and has is very own show!

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Eternal lovers, Hawkgirl and Hawkman made their first on screen appearances during this season's Flash/Arrow crossover before becoming a part of the Legends of Tomorrow team. In the comics, Hawkman is a founding member of the team and Hawkgirl joined during the Silver Age.


First introduced on Arrow, the ATOM quickly became a fan favorite. In the comics, a version of this character is a founding member of the team. Right now it seems as if Ray is the leader of our misfit group of "legends", so is it possible he'll be the leader for the Justice Society? It's certainly a possibility!

Wild Cat

Remember that guy that trained Laurel to be a vigilante? Remember how he turned out to be a vigilante himself? Although he had a small role on the show, he is actually none other than the Wild Cat himself. In the comics, Wild Cat is a founding member of the team. Within the Arrowverse, Wild Cat was a well liked character that fans have been dying to see make a comeback.

Mr. Terrific

That's right, the tech guy who helps Felicity at Palmer Industry is also a superhero. In the comics, Mr. Terrific uses T-spheres, which have also made their way onto Arrow. Is it possible that after learning who the Arrow really is, and learning his boss helps vigilantes, that Curtis will become a superhero himself? I would say that is very, very likely.


Technically in the comic books it is Dinah who is a part of the Justice Society of America, both Laurel and Sara have a chance to fill in their mother's shoe as the Canary on the team. I would say it is more likely that Sara will take on this role as she is the starring character on Legends of Tomorrow.

Red Tornado

With the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover, it seems safe to say at this point that the two universes are connected. That being said, that would mean any character on Supergirl is fair game to show up on one of the shows on the CW, including Legends of Tomorrow. The Red Tornado was not a founding member of the team, but he was important to survival of the team through the silver age.


Just as Supergirl brought us Red Tornado, Constantine brought us the Spectre. A founding member of the JSA, the Spectre is a key member of the team. Now while this iteration is quite different than the one we know and love from the comics, it would be rather simple to bring the character onto Legends of Tomorrow in a similar fashion as Constantine made his way onto Arrow.

Characters that have been teased

Now for the weaker evidence, below are the characters that have been teased in one of the shows and may or may not show up on screen. These members are integral parts to the formation of the Justice Society of America, but with all the heroes above they may not be necessary for the Society to still happen.


On Rip Hunter's ship many "artifacts" can be seen lying about. With the help of DC comics Instagram page, these Easter Eggs have become easy for even a casual fan to discover. Though the page suggests screenshotting the above image and running it through filters to discover the hidden message, you can actually faintly see the message at the top of the image. If you can't read it, it says:

Sandman's Gas Mask


Another one of the artifacts hidden on Hunter's ship, this one is an allusion to the character Hourman. Hourman was also a founding member of the JSA. The image above reads:

Hourman's Hourglass

Dr. Mid-Nite

With this image DC took a jab at Marvel stating:

The original blind vigilante, this hero sees perfectly in pitch black and uses blackout bombs to block light.

Ouch, calling out Daredevil, now that takes some guts. The image above shows Dr. Mid-Nite's famous blackout bombs, another artifact found in Hunter's ship.

Doctor Fate

With Constantine showing up on the CW's Arrow, it's safe to say the two shows share a universe. That being said, the above image is taken from an episode of the short lived Constantine series in which we get to see Dr. Fate's famed helmet. Some fans believe that Constantine will show up in one of the shows being Dr. Fate himself. Will that happen? I'd say it's unlikely. Will we see Dr. Fate on Legends of Tomorrow? That is much more likely.

Green Lantern

Fans have been waiting ages for the Green Lantern to show up on Arrow/Flash,and believe it or not he did, and you probably missed it! In the first episode of Arrow's fourth season, Oliver takes a trip to Coast City (residing place of one Hal Jordan a.k.a. Green Lantern). In a blink or you'll miss it shot, a man seeing wearing a pilot's jacket with the name Jordan is shown. However, in the comics it was the Alan Scott Green Lantern that was a founding member of the JSA.

Characters Still Missing

Absolutely Nobody!

So what do you think? Will Legends of Tomorrow introduce us to the Justice Society of America? Will later seasons of the show call the team the Justice Society? Only time will tell, but as of right now, it looks like we have almost everybody we need to make this team a reality.


Is the CW building the Justice Society of America?


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