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If you remember that 1989 movie you might remember this scene the world of physic. two physics predicted the end of the world the first one was nearly correct mabye the other one might be aswell

If there really are just nine days left to live as of Feb. 5, it saves the need to do last-minute Valentines shopping. To those who have protested the new Ghostbusters being made up of women, it will also spare them from the supposed horror as well.

Of course, the last time a movie sequel in 1989 predicted the future, it wasn't exactly accurate. Just a few months ago, Back to the Future: Part II had renewed interest on Oct. 21, 2015, the day Marty and Doc came to the then-future from 1985. Many had fun pointing out how the real 2015 didn't have the Cubs win the World Series or have yet another Jaws sequel -- but it was an apocalyptic date when Marty made it possible for Biff to change the timeline.

The world still went on in 2015 in that movie, but the world of Murray's Ghostbusters indeed didn't make it to 2016 -- even if the rest of us did. In case that doesn't change in the next week, the world of Wiig, McCarthy and Paul Feig's Ghostbusters will be born on July 15 as scheduled.

Hopefully the world won't end this valentines day but who knows it might be accurate

but for now chill

Don't worry about it it might be bollocks


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