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Today, the TV Spot for the Super Bowl 2016 has premiered and it´s right down here:

The first part of the spot mostly shows footage we got before from the first official trailer but also has Sam Wilson crouching on a rooftop and Scarlet Witch reacting to presumably the events that kick-off - pun intended - the film´s plot but then it speeds up with an awesome shot of Tony Stark turning his watch into an armor gauntlet, grabbing Winter Soldier´s gun and stopping a bullet from it... with his hand!

Then we see Captain America and Winter Soldier getting ready for battle when Iron Man opens the door and tells them: "You chose the wrong side".

Then, we see a shot of Tony ripping off War Machine´s face plate and looking at a wounded (and apparently unconscious) James Rhodes.

Finally, we get a look at the teams:

Team Captain America
Team Captain America
And Team Iron Man
And Team Iron Man

These shots reveal previously unseen entities such as Vision and Ant-Man who is wearing an updated version from his solo film. Mysteriously, Spider-Man, who we now know will be a big part of the story, was missing.

Did this new trailer make you excited for the film?


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