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As a Disney Channel fanatic, I remember watching the 2000s film Life Size and being dazzled by Eve’s beauty.

Tyra Banks is especially excited to reprise the role of Eve in Life Size 2, which will come out sometime during the 2016 holiday season. As we all know, it wouldn’t be Life Size without Tyra Banks!

For those of you who may have forgotten, let's take a look at what made the first Life Size so magical!

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Eve (Tyra Banks) is a Barbie doll that was brought to life by a magic spell cast by an 11-year-old girl named Casey (Lindsey Lohan).

The spell was meant to bring her mom back to life. Her mom had recently died and Casey could not bear to live without her. Desperately trying to find a way to reunite with her mom, she found a magic book in an antique book store and stole it. She read the instructions and found out she needed something of her mother’s in order for the spell to work. She decided to use an old hairbrush of her mom’s to cast a resurrection spell. Unfortunately, the spell was ruined when one of her dad’s girlfriends gave her an Eve doll and brushed the doll’s hair with her mom’s brush.

Eve is Not Chucky!


At age 8, I thought the movie was cool, but now that I am older, it was rather creepy for a doll to be brought to life and have it walking around like a human. It sounds like something out of a horror movie! At least Eve wasn’t anything like Chucky who enjoyed killing humans. Only Disney could make something that creepy seem magical and extraordinary.

Why Was 'Life Size' So Popular?

Life Size was so ground-breaking because Eve as a doll and a real person represented the challenges and the limitations put on women every day. Eve thought that she had to be perfect and it was exhausting for her. Many women are pressured to think they need to be a certain size or act a certain way. Eve was a doll that was tough enough to play ball with the guys and was smart enough to have a degree in Aerospace. She fought against the stigma that women are nothing more than a pretty face. Life Size was so dynamic because it was an emotional and sweet movie that touched on a variety of topics including death, love, family, and friendship.

Introducing Eve Into the Real World

It was funny to see how Eve reacted to the real world. She was amazed by how big everything was, she enjoyed shopping for clothes at the mall, and having a job as a secretary. She was amazed by computers, because of course she had never seen one! She didn’t even know how to ride an escalator! I loved how innocent and child-like she was, but she looked so grown-up and sexy. Women were either envious of her or admired her and men couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Reasons Why You Should Love Eve!

  • Eve would fearlessly do whatever a man could do.
  • She didn’t care what people thought. She danced in front of everyone like there was no one watching!
  • She respects herself. I mean, she could have any man she wanted but she respected herself enough to know that she was worthy enough to be pursued.
  • Eve was such an amazing human because she brought the best out of people, even Casey who was determined to hate her because she was brought to life instead of her mom.
  • Eve helped heal Casey’s heart so she could move on and let go of her mom.
  • Eve also helped Casey with her self-confidence. Unfortunately, the spell was not permanent.
  • Everyone who came in contact with her fell in love with her, especially Casey. The girl was crying like a baby when Eve decided to turn back into a doll so she could help young girls like Casey.

What Will The Plot Of 'Life Size 2' Be?

Life Size 2 raises a few questions for me like: Who is going to replace Lindsay Lohan in the sequel? What did Eve do all this time she was a doll? Why is she coming back? Is something wrong? Is she going to fall in love in this movie? Is she going to stay human?

I think Eve is tired of being a doll and is ready to be a human full time. She had a ton of fun being a doll but after years of seeing girls play with her, maybe she is ready to have a family of her own. Eve wants to find love and decides to bring herself back. Maybe she wishes really hard and she becomes alive again.

I wonder how she is going to be brought back. Maybe Casey has a daughter and she told her daughter stories about Eve. Her daughter’s curiosity then takes over and she wants to know what Eve is like for herself. Maybe Casey dies and her daughter will try to resurrect her only to bring back Eve again.

The possibilities are endless! What do you think will happen in Life Size 2? Will she sing the iconic song from the first movie, 'Be a Star'? I would love for that to come back!


Who thinks Lindsay Lohan should reconsider reprising her role in the movie?


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