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As fans of the Super Bowl started to gather for the big game, nerds in the crowd, at home on a computer or at school were waiting for the new Captain America Civil War movie trailer. As the game was setting up, adds were coming on about cars, candy bars, how football can equal family and some movies adds were coming in.

Around 4:30 or so, the last trailer to show before the big game was Captain America Civil War. I don't think I was the only nerd freaking out as it was playing. With May being only 4 months away, Marvel fans now have two trailers to watch over and over and try and analyze what will happen through out the movie. Below is the trailer that is blowing up Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media site.

Alright people if this is your first time viewing this, breath, breath breath its only four months away as of today. We can see that they will be allot of action, talking, taking sides and fighting. Lets break down this trailer and take it at a more slower pace so we can catch what we missed or catch what we can't wait to see on the big screen.

1. The Chanting at the beginning

I'm sure you noticed there were people chanting at the beginning and through "United we stand, united we stand. Dived we fall, dived we fall". Notice that "united we stand" and "Dived we fall" is repeated twice through out the beginning of the trailer? Did you also notice every time this was said either a fighting or destruction scene was happening? I think this is setting up how Captain America and Iron turn against each other and the quote is in there to let us (the audience) see how their teams (Captain America's and Iron man's teams) can stand as one, but they are STILL dived.

2. War Machine

If we remember in the first trailer, War Machine not only had new armor but it also seemed as though he were hurt or possibly dead. In this trailer it seems as though he may be hurt (but there's that possibility of death). If we look at War Machines armor we can see he had been in accident with how the sliver armor was covered in ash and there were some dents on the armor.

Poor War Machine =(
Poor War Machine =(

Also look and Study Tony's face. He seems angry, confused, upset and it looks as though there are tears in his eyes. Perhaps this could be the opening scene of Civil War or perhaps a scene we'll see later on in the movie to help explain what started this feud.

3. Tony's Hand gadget

Looks as though Tony has a new hand gadget that helps reflect or maybe help bullets stop so they don't hit his face and we can see he has a run in with Bucky. Maybe this is where it started or maybe Bucky was just doing Steve a favor and trying to get rid of him or maybe Bucky's had enough of Tony's attitude like Steve has.


4. Choose a side

The final teams have assemble and we saw a sneak peak of the teams meeting up face to face as if a show down is about to start. Lets first take a look at Captain America's team.


We can see that Falcon, Ant-man, Scarlet Witch and Bucky are all on Captain America's team. I'm wondering if this is because Steve is keeping Bucky safe from H.I.V.E and Bucky is trying to do better and get his revenge on H.I.V.E. Bucky is also an Avenger (according to fans and articles) so maybe, we'll see Bucky become part of the team. Now, let's look at Iron Man's team.

Black Panther!!
Black Panther!!

I know Black Panther is RIGHT THERE. You can also see War Machine at the end with new armor. Maybe Iron Man's team is fighting to get Bucky back to H.I.V.E or making him pay for everything he's done. (these are all just theories I've heard).

With May 6th being four months away, Civil War is getting close to coming out in theaters. Choose your side, grab a team and assemble to the movies to watch which side takes it all, the bonus scenes at the end, and of course get in on the fighting and action that will be going down.


Which side are you on?


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