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So there is always that one movie character that you love just as much as the movie itself. Or in some situations, better than the movie *cough cough "Darth Maul" cough cough*. But sometimes you have a character that much, you want to see them have their own movie. Here is 4 movie characters we would love to see have their own movie. Or at least, I would.

1 : Imperetor Furiosa

When Mad Max : Fury Road hit theatres, the movie was loved but had a lot of controversy surrounding feminism. But the one character the blew everyone's mind was planned to have her own special movie, but the shoot hasn't begun yet if it is green lit again.

Charlie Theron's character was arguably just as important of a role as Mad Max himself, and she was also a badass.

2 : Darth Maul

When Star Wars : The Phantom Menace hit cinemas, the movie was....unliked. From the plot to the politics, it wasn't a great movie. But the one thing that fans were happy about was one character that pulled through the CGI and was a badass, Darth Maul.

From his badass lightsaber to his cool action sequences, Darth Maul would make a great spin off.

3 : Detective Loki

So if you have seen the movie Prisoners, which personally I thought was overlooked, you would know and more than likely favour the likeable character, Detective Loki. His mysterious detective work makes his character likeable and intriguing. If you either love the movie or hate it, Detective Loki is definately someone that I would look forward to having his own stand alone film.

I don't know about you, but I loved this character. Even if it was a Netflix feature series, I would be extremely happy.

4 : Boba Fett

Probably along with Darth Maul, Bona Fett is the most talked about possible so in off in Star Wars history. Even though his screen time may have been limited, his character would be amazing to see on the big screen all on his own.

The idea for this movie has been long tossed around by directors and George Lucas himself. Boba would be a thrill to see have his own movie.


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