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I can't be the only geek out here thinking this. Seriously, DC and Greg Berlanti, get that damn Iron Man poser suit off Ray Palmer and stop aping Marvel's Elon Musk.

When I heard that Ray Palmer was coming to Arrow, I actually got excited for the show. Not that I wasn't happy with it to start, I was... with a few grumbles. But hey, I'm a bona-fide comics lover from the 70s, so my nose starts to twitch if everything doesn't jive as I remember. I forced myself to get past the fact that the show runners were basically giving us Batman living vicariously through Green Arrow. Sure enough a few seasons in, they started bringing Batman villains to the show. I accepted that, because well, to be honest GA just doesn't have a whole lot of memorable rogues to hunt. I mean, in the comics he pretty much just relied on Green Lantern for super-work, right?

Ok, so I got past all that. As the Arrow team grew, the intro of The Atom was a shocker, but a great shocker. The brainy Ray Palmer was a very under-used hero. You hardly even saw him in Superfriends, pun intended. Then I hear Brandon Routh was going to play the Diminutive Dynamo? Hey great, if the dude wants to be a DC super that bad, bring him in.

Hey! I heard there was a casting call for Arrow?
Hey! I heard there was a casting call for Arrow?

The casting of the former Superman turned out to be spot on. He really made the character his own. Now it was just a matter of time before we see that white-dwarf star matter and ZING he's the Shrinking Supermite!

But wait, hold on, what the hell? He's making a suit of armor with jets and pulse cannons in the gloves? Alright, that's it, you've messed it up Berlanti. Now he's just a weak-ass Iron Man.

Whoa who whoa, hold the phone! You killed him off? OK. Not really. Phew, just a sub-plot. A storage of the character until Legends Of Tomorrow is ready. Perfect. I can wait. Now let's see if you can fix this 3rd rate War Machine.

Last week's episode of LOT (Blood Ties) gave us a fantastic sideline story with Ray, and his use of his powers/suit. I don't mind the suit, really. It's just that he's got these great shrinking/mass altering abilities and you've resorted to Iron Manning him in each episode. So whaddya say, guys and gals? Let's lose the Tony Stark envy and let The Atom be The Atom.


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