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When most people think of the word "musical" people get skeptical saying things like "Those movies are so fake" or "I hate how they sing throughout the whole movie" or even "Those movies never make any sense." Let me tell you that this is one musical that doesn't fall into any of the categories previously stated.

For starters, the movie itself has quite the unique cast including: Gerard Butler (The Phantom), Emmy Rossum (Christine), and even Patrick Wilson (Raoul), all of whom have succeeded quite well with a lot of their films.

Secondly, The Phantom of the Opera really reels you in with its realism (see what I did there?). The entire movie you will go on an emotional roller coaster between light, dark, good, and evil. You will be upset and sad with characters' backstories and really cheer on certain other characters.

Another wonderful thing about this movie is again, the dialogue. Yes, singing the entire movie sucks usually, but they talk normally as well as sing in "The Phantom of the Opera." What's also great is the fact that all the songs are wonderfully made and catchy! Not only that but in a way that people can actually follow along with a story. Most musicals people get lost with the wordings because they have to follow a musical sense.

Lastly, the thing that got me was the setting. Almost the entire movie is filmed in an old, rustic-looking theater. Within this theater there are catacombs where the Phantom lives, and the above ground where all the actors on the stage belong. The whole time it's as if it were going back and forth between light and dark.

In conclusion, a lot of musicals can really suck, but this is a diamond in the rough and should not be skipped if looking for something really entertaining to watch. I believe it deserved a lot more attention than it got and is a solid 10/10


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