BySarah Jean, writer at

I've always been a big fan of Harley Quinn and Joker, and even go by the nickname of Harley Quinn. I've seen just about every costume they have put on Harley, and I've loved them all. When the Suicide Squad Harley was revealed, I was a bit shocked they had gone off her usual color scheme, black and red, but I could totally see it. When I saw the Joker's picture, I became fully thrilled to see their debut in the movie. I feel like their costumes really bring out the vibe of Harley Quinn and Joker. I honestly think this is the best Joker and Harley that we've seen. Millions of fans agree and alot of people have done fanart, one photo (fanmade) explaining how the Joker got his tatoos and why he is screaming in the photo was so realistic some people thought it was the real thing! The photo was achieved through posing and computer editing. The hype is real!


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