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It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen, time for the Super Bowl! Super Bowl 50 aired live this Sunday, and thousands of viewers tuned in to see the glorious battle between Denver and Carolina! But even though everyone was excited to see which team would come out on top, we all know that we're watching this year for much more than just the Broncos and the Panthers.

The greatest thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials. During the commercial breaks, we get to see a ton of new and incredible commercials that we wouldn't normally see any other time of the year. From Doritos ads to car commercials, the Super Bowl is the perfect time to witness some truly memorable TV advertisements.

But this year's lineup of Super Bowl commercials is noticeably more action-packed than any other year's. That's because this year, it's all about the superheroes!

2016 is the perfect year to be a geek, and if Marvel and DC have shown us anything, it's that we're ALL geeks. This was made even more evident by the sheer amount of people who got excited over the many TV spots for anticipated superhero films we got during the Super Bowl.

We saw so much during this eventful night that I just had to talk about my favorites! So, from Deadpool to Batfleck on a plane, here are the coolest and geekiest Super Bowl commercial break moments!

Goodbye Friendship, Hello Rivalry!

We all knew that we'd see new [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) footage during the Super Bowl, and man, was it incredible! The new Civil War spot reminds us just how devastating this movie is going to be.

In it, we see Captain America taking down armed guards, Bucky taking on Tony Stark, and a ton of explosions! Check out the trailer below.

The short yet sweet trailer is full of noteworthy scenes, but of all of them, there are two that definitely stand out. The first is a quick one that depicts Bucky getting ready to shoot- yes, SHOOT- Tony Stark!

Notice how I said "Tony Stark" and not "Iron Man";Bucky is actually getting ready to shoot a practically unarmed Tony! Not only is he ready to shoot him, Bucky actually pulls the trigger. Luckily, Stark isn't completely unarmed, and manages to block the bullet with his Iron Man glove.

But even though Bucky was unsuccessful in killing Stark, it's still a bit surprising to see that he actually attempts to — especially when Stark is basically defenseless. I'm aware that Winter Soldier is an anti-hero, and he's fine with killing, but this is Captain America's teammate/friend!

I can't imagine that one of his friends trying to assassinate the other will sit well with Cap, but at the same time, I don't think Steve Rogers will be changing sides either. This scene truly shows us how devastating this movie will be, and gives a little more insight into why Tony Stark feels so betrayed by his "friend" Steve Rogers.

So... War Machine's Dead... Right?

Another quick but noticeable scene from the trailer— War Machine's possible death! The death of Iron Man's other close friend (the one that didn't betray him for a former brainwashed murdering machine), James "War Machine" Rhodes, is something that's been rumored for a long time.

The scene above definitely provides more credibility to the rumor. Of course, there's always the chance that he's just unconscious, and will make a speedy and healthy recovery.

But let's be honest here; of all the characters in Civil War, War Machine (awesome as he is) is the least important to the MCU. I guess we'll see for sure who lives and who dies when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6!

Take A Trip To Gotham Or Metropolis With Turkish Airlines!

Cap and Iron Man aren't the only heroes duking it out this year! Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting pretty close to its March 25 release date, so it's understandable that DC doesn't want to release any more big footage right now.

But that doesn't mean that Bats and Supes are going to skip out on the Super Bowl! Rather than show us a new trailer or any new clips, DC used their partnership with Turkish Airlines to create some pretty hilarious and impressive commercials.

If you've ever wanted an exclusive tour of the beautiful Gotham City, from the night clubs to the hotels, then Turkish Airlines has got you covered!

But in case the "city never sleeps" nature of Gotham City doesn't suit your style, TA also covers flights to the bright city of Metropolis!

You'll find Metropolis to be a bit more wholesome and cultured than Gotham City. It's got great landmarks to check out, like the statue of Superman, and a modern art museum!

Would I ever visit either of these cities? No, probably not. Nothing against Turkish Airlines, but they did neglect to mention the exceedingly high crime rate in both cities. That, coupled with the fact that both of their strongest heroes are about to do battle, and I think you'll understand why I'll be staying home.

Deadpool Trash Talks The NFL!

Whether you love him or hate him, you've got to admit that Deadpool has got some serious cajones! The fact that his movie is R-rated, in a world that's used to PG-13 superhero films, is evidence enough.

We've seen in previous trailers and spots how incredibly ballsy Deadpool is, but his "Superb Owl" TV Spot just proves that Ryan Reynolds is holding NOTHING back!

In the trailer, Deadpool sits in a chair and slyly throws shade at every NFL player with absolutely zero regret! We also see some footage from the movie; it's nothing we haven't really seen before, but it's still worth taking a look at 27 times!

I've got to say, of all the marketing campaigns I've ever seen, Deadpool's is the greatest without a doubt! From hilarious ads to clever-yet-immature billboards, the team behind Deadpool has gone all out to get us pumped for their movie!

Well, message received Deadpool team! When Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, it will surely be welcomed with open arms by the countless fans who have been waiting years for it! Like the trailer above says, Deadpool "will change the game"!

The X-Men Face The Apocalypse!

With all the superhero movies coming out this year (Deadpool, Civil War, Deadpool, BvS, Deadpool, etc., Deadpool), X-Men: Apocalypse isn't exactly on my must-see list. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited for it, just like I was extremely excited to see the new TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl!

The spot is short, but manages to show a ton of new and incredible X-Men footage, including Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Beast on the battlefield, and Psylocke slicing and dicing in her first onscreen appearance!

X-Men Apocalypse is the ninth installment in the X-Men franchise, and the third set in the soft-rebooted X-Men Cinematic Universe.

It revolves around Charles Xavier and his fellow X-Men facing off against the mutant Apocalypse and his four horsemen.

Looking less like a Power Rangers villain everyday!
Looking less like a Power Rangers villain everyday!

With an all-star cast of X-Men and a literal world-ending threat, X-Men Apocalypse looks like it'll be the best X-Men movie ever!

It may not be high on my list of most-anticipated movies of 2016, but I'm certainly looking forward to this movie when it hits theaters May 27!

20 Years Of Pokemon!

Superhero movie trailers weren't the only thing to get excited about during the Super Bowl commercial breaks. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, Nintendo released a pretty motivational trailer.

The trailer, titled ',' starts with a kid witnessing a feat of greatness and simply saying "I can do that." Soon, people all over the world notice incredible feats and utter the phrase "I can do that," before accomplish feats of their own!

First off, can you believe it's been 20 years since the beginning of Pokemon? The two-decades old franchise has entertained gamers of all ages since its first appearance in Japan on February 27, 1996!

Currently, there are over 720 different kinds of Pokemon out there, making it even more fun and challenging to "Catch them all"!

With that many Pokemon, you would think that Nintendo would start running out of ideas for new ones. But let's hope they keep coming up with new Pokemon so we can keep playing the franchise for another 20 years!

The 'TMNT 2' Trailer Is Several Kinds Of Crazy!

I'm a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan- I grew up watching the Turtles on TV and collecting the action figures. But I'll admit it, I was not a fan of the live-action movie that came out in 2014.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may not have been as flawed as Michael Bay's Transformers series, but it certainly wasn't flawless. A part of the reason I didn't like it was that the Turtles, despite having the right characteristics, really didn't feel like themselves.

The tone of the film was just off, feeling too much like a cheap summer blockbuster cash-in (see: Transformers: Age of Extinction) than an adaption of TMNT. It's clear from the new TV spot that the makers of the film realized this, and completely shifted the tone , filling it with action and humor reminiscent of the early TMNT cartoons!

The new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is full of non-stop insanity! From vigilantes armed with hockey sticks, to giant mutant rhinoceroses, to turtles falling from the sky — all to the tune of 'No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn' by Beastie Boys!

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this movie, but I know that I'm definitely more excited for it than I was for the last one. And even if the movie isn't great, if it's even half as outrageous as the trailers are, then at least it will be one "shell" of a wild ride!

But the main reason I can't wait to see Out of the Shadows when it comes out June 3? One word: Krang!

In a movie that already features four mutant turtles, a mutant rat, a mutant rhino, a mutant pig AND Stephen Amell, the fact that Krang and his army are going to be in this as well just makes Out of the Shadows even more ludicrous!

With this insane film and the awesome looking video game coming out, 2016 is a pretty great time to be a Turtles fan!

So those were my favorite commercial break moments during this year's Super Bowl! Even though the team I was rooting for lost, at least we all got to witness some incredible geeky commercials!

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